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  1. yes, im already excited to see how eu people will get killed behind shields by sa/asian people
  2. its simple! because devs love thais their money and therefore wont do anyhing against them playing on our servers.
  3. behind house/boxes but this aint ur fault, players will always find a way to camp
  4. the german text has some grammatical mistakes even though silenterror is german, why?
  5. If you should watch this trash, I hope you enjoy
  6. YES GUYS, i am the ignorant and dumb person, called by the guy, who calls other stupid and meanwhile uses a translator
  7. why does the thompson sounds so equal to a gun of lms?
  8. it is allowed! "no, its allowed" thats what glad said, learn some actual english grammar and stop using a translator on sentences haha
  9. u mean old springvalley from 1 year ago?
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