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  1. Did you guys address the issue with the teleporting players / laggers who kill you after 2-3 secs or not ?
  2. You do realize that last month we had 2 double xp/ gd weekends ( 2nd event lasted 5 days instead of 4) So, unless you guys plan on having 2x double exp / gd events per month, the numbers are way too high. My 2 cents
  3. Good patch, good ideas but you should really address the elephant in the room, which is the unfair advantage laggy players have over players who don't lag
  4. Time to farm again I suppose
  5. For the love of God , make EU Servers ping limited to 150 ms , wtf is this situation
  6. flogic

    Weekend Event!

    Time to buy katanas !
  7. Players behind trees are unshootable , overall good patch
  8. Clans without limit just like the good old days
  9. Stealth nerf to Boulder , you guys removed 2 buildings that made the spawns a little easier to play in , now you get spotted from 2nd bridge all the way to the corner building Same with the building near the ramp , you spawn at the lake and you get seen from 10 kilometers away
  10. Will the hours of the downtime gonna be reducted from our premium ?
  11. flogic

    Maps - Open World

    For the love of god , make us mute the music in Trading Lounge without turning the game sounds off.
  12. If you look at your map , it is at J12+
  13. Could we for the love of God have the option to toggle snow on or off ? Using NVG now sucks big time , everything is so bright . Same thing goes for the sound effect when we pick up items , can we get the option to either have the new sound effect or the old one ?
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