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  1. KasparoV

    Sneaky Mode

    Bad idea. It’s good for « brain move » don’t remove that
  2. Better armor protect only craftable with very rare new materials would be nice
  3. +1. Guys stop with your old items like swat armor or idk. Let developers create new items no ? It’s more interesting
  4. No about heavy armor. Why not create new item, only craftable (with rare ressources / very rare ressources) better that custom guerilla ? And many others items craftable with New materials/ ressources ? It’s interesting thing, increase interest about craft/ pve. Hard for getting good items for survive / pvp. Why not add also rare (like sniper ) and « broken » news weapons (ar / dmr idk but not sniper) ?
  5. Devs, you just need to find the good way about weapons spread because actually it’s too random. We don’t like players who are « full » with their weapons (even if the patch is good for this) but actually it’s too random for players who control their shoot fastly. I dont understand why you don’t develop your change in the patch 2.12 (explanations with recoil / spread). It’s for me the good way for a equilibrate game. @[email protected]@[email protected]
  6. It’s not trash talk. I dont understand when players says spread is fine...while this change isn’t intented by the dev
  7. Typical player cry macro / aimbot / rapid fire when you die. Just learn to play and train your aim / react / Brain if you know what i mean. Just saying. Yeah yeah guys. Go to support this Bullshit for better game . More random maybe you will become better guys
  8. The real « issue » is 0 change / content for survival. How did you want increase the number of player if you do nothing for this ? There is so much potential in survival , unexploited. The mode regress ( cc SPREAD )
  9. Please stop speak about skill when it’s fucking random. The skill = aim. Spread = too random in this game. With 2.12 patch developers were on the good way for weapons. Less spread and more recoil. But with new patch it s bullshit
  10. Thank you. The good way about spread is in PATCH 2.12 « weapons modifications ». It’s that why i dont understand this new patch that break / destroy the work already completed.
  11. Maybe but you say « affect only macro player » No no no i’m not agree with you. I play 18 hours this week end and i say to you : the spread is too much random with AR. Make no sens actually
  12. You don’t play your Game and you don’t test your patch. All players are affected by the modif about spread / weapons. Its shit for all now i prefer play against macro rapid fire really
  13. This patch affect all fire mode. In survival you cant shoot correctly players at long distance or medium it’s the same shit. It’s so random. Make no sens. Soon many players leave this game. The survival mode die soon. 0 content since 5 month
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