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  1. I've been posting mine in the streamers section of discord and I think silent was watching that but ill post here. - There needs to be some sort of recent servers list like in open world newz. Possibly even a rejoin last option. I died last night and by the time i respawned and went back to the server i was on all my stuff was gone. Granted i may have choose the wrong one so i went to the only other server i ever play on and nothing. - The respawn timer after death doesn't really give you a good chance to get back to your loot if you die. By the time you get back its the zombies that killed you are still there and I'd say 75% of the time I'm never able to get my stuff back. Maybe a little extra spawn protection to ensure u are able to get your stuff back or possibly drop the respawn timer down a minute or so. - The med spawns when beta was released were horrible. After listening to our suggestions it definetly looks like they were buffed. They seem to be a 10% chance drop from zombies as well as more of them are spawning in the world. Good job on that. - Guns seem to have been buffed to spawn more. Now I'm noticing that ammo isn't necessarily up to par with the gun spawns. Maybe a slight buff to the spawn of them could be a good idea??? - Stamina is a massive issue in this mode. Even with the majority of stamina skill tree perks unlocked i am still running out insanely fast. Seems like the perks aren't really doing anything for the stamina. - Zombie head hit boxes seem to be very hit and miss. When I'm standing on a car to safe spot them and I'm only hitting the head, it seems to still take a while to kill them even with a katana. I'm sure there is more that I'm just not remembering , so I will update this. I plan on a good 12hr survival stream tonight as well to further test it. Either way this looks to be a fun game mode and I definitely plan on playing it.
  2. Posting in actual feedback section
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