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  1. Why would you NOT want loadouts? When you die, do you really want to click the same old gear buttons EVERY time? Some of us die a LOT. (me)
  2. I think that could achieve the objective. As it is currently it's really hard to get from A to B. The highways would be great but they are logjammed with broken cars. I just don't want to play the original Everquest where you had to walk 2 hours to get to another part of the map, you know? They came up with a gate system that made it more fun and playable. Bus stops or more cars/safe zones could do that here.
  3. I want to be constructive here. I really do. But here's an example of how this is crushing Oregon survival mode. I'm currently on one of the TWO US servers in the middle of the day. Population: 2-4. An airdrop just spawned in Rio, but thanks to no cars or bus stops there is NO way to get there within 30 minutes. Even if I do, I'm spending the better part of 30 minutes RUNNING. Not surviving. Running. The appeal of the Oregon map (and it WAS catching on in survival) is that you could find PVP pretty readily and of course a change of scenery for those of us that have been playing Colorado since 2012. Last night there were ~10 people on an SA server and we were ALL fighting at the airport because we could all get there. What happens if those 10 people are all over the map? I'll tell you what - no pvp because no one wants to walk there. So all PVP is going to move to Umatilla since it's near the safe zone and you'll have an entire map going to waste. It was actually FUN using the bus stops to get to PVP or to air drops. Now people are going to get bored and leave the game again. Please, add more cars or better yet, bring the bus system back.
  4. You're already suffering from low pops in survival at least, and probably more broadly. This patch will ruin survival and instead of using the whole map (Rio, Umatilla, Airport - and AIR DROPS) pvp will cease to exist beyond 1 or two places like clearview/campos on Colorado. Pops will drop because of this, and they are already super low. If you're convinced bus stops have to go, then you HAVE to add more cars. Cars can't be countered? It's really, really easy to shoot people out of them...
  5. So I just got home from vacation for 6 days and not only did you guys do a patch without giving us a warning, but you took servers down and I didn't get the items (or at least some of the items) from my lockers on server 7 or 10 in my GI. It looks like I got lockers but not all of my items, most notably a blaser, a ton of meds and ~40 mosin mags. If I had known there was going to be a patch that removed servers, I would have manually dumped my lockers - at least the important stuff. Seriously, wtf...
  6. So because we use the 5 characters the game gives us we are cheating? That's like you having only one arm and me having two and telling me I'm cheating for using two hands.
  7. I only have 1 mil ruck and I've killed tons of SZ. They are just rare. Alice's are all over the airport though
  8. Just seeing this. I was the second guy and I was out by the ball tower helo. One of you buffoons was shooting me with a bison or something so I stopped running and just laughed because you weren't damaging me. Meanwhile, while both of you focused on me, Cobra snuck in over the fire truck and ended up in the bar area behind you. There was no cheating, only two dudes getting killed by some guys who have played together a long time. I'm not even that good, you killed me just fine a few days later.
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