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  1. Two plus two is four, minus one that's three, quick maths Everyday man's on the block, smoke trees See your girl in the park, that girl is a uckers When the ting went quack-quack-quack, you man were ducking
  2. I'm a big fan of yours. Can't wait to play tomorrow!
  3. Havi

    Basic glasses

    Meters lol. U mean CM?
  4. Don't worry Sven, WoLF_DiGiTaL is a bit confusing haha Love you tho Wolf.
  5. Hey! Sure. I will PM you the details.
  6. Havi

    banned 7 Day

    Hey! I have looked into your account. You are staying banned and you are not going to get unbanned.
  7. Havi

    bug &

    Hey! Glitching is not allowed. Bannable offense.
  8. Havi

    No zombies or alien

    Hey! Thank you for the report. We've seen it come up several times and we are looking into it. It will be fixed.
  9. Hey! We are aware of this. Thank you for the report tho.
  10. Hey killaz420, We are aware of this problem. We are still investigating why exactly this is happening.
  11. Havi

    bus crash

    Hey! Sorry for the late reply, but do you have Fast Load enabled or disabled? Having Fast Load enabled can cause you to crash.
  12. Havi


    I will ask Sven to double check it. Will let you guys know when I have an answer.
  13. Havi


    Hey etaragic! We added the G11 in the latest patch. You can find the new G11 weapon at the following: * Tactical Weapon Crate * Daily Reward * Spawning in Colorado V1, Colorado and Caliwood. I hope this has answered your question.
  14. Fixed it! Thank you for the report.
  15. Hey Xander, Next time you get this message again, could you send me your r3dlog.txt file that is located in your game files? So we can look if there is anything related in there for the crash.
  16. Havi

    Curved Red Sword

    Hey Orville, The Light Saber (Curved Red) is around 35 to 40 million Game Dollars. I hope this has answered your question.
  17. Havi

    Price check

    Hey Orville, Heavy Armor (Serenity): 12-17 Million B93R (Chrome): 2-3 Million IMI TAR-21 (Hynx v2): 1.5 - 3.5 Million I hope this has helped you.
  18. Hey Sarawut, Could you please provide me your username so I can look you up?
  19. Speedrun PogChamp
  20. Havi


    I will have to agree with what you said. Because I'm having trouble with this myself too. I can maybe talk to Sven and see what can be done about your suggestion.
  21. Hey dertisch, This was pure to test the vehicle and show it to you guys. On release, we will probably change some of the vehicle statistics. We just have to balance it properly since you can transport a lot of people in it.
  22. Havi


    Hey Katryna247, In Survival Mode, the best way to find consumables are in restaurants. We kind of did the loot in a realistic way where you would find food in real life or like in general. This rule applies to other things as well. For example, military weapons. You find them at military areas, such as Norad. I hope this has answered your question.
  23. Hey! Tell him to reset his password if he forgot his. If that is not possible, tell him to send an email to [email protected] I hope this has answered your questions.
  24. Hey! Could you please provide your account username?
  25. Haha, can't get enough of that Ambient Sound, it's the best
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