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  1. When people will understand that nothing is gonna happen to survival mode ? Without a doubt the 30th topic about player's suggestions and still nothing (or almost) changed
  2. as isnt said survival is becoming more and more like openworld so please dont add this armor
  3. I understand that you're a small team to make this game working, also obviously you surely have way more things to fix in openworld due to the amount of people who plays it. But please be honest with the fact that if you guys spend half of your time to finally fix issues/crashes on the actual map/add new contents instead of making new skins/skinboxes and a new map (while the current map isnt entirely finished) this game would be much better and you'd attract more new players. If you guys really love what you do then do it good once for all cause everything i see atm is that you're working on a new map when there's still ton of crashes and bugs in the game (while at each patch notes you're writing several lines to the effect that you've fixed some of them) and everyone still has the same crashes or even more. I'm not waiting anymore for a survival mode evolution cause there's not one single big announcement for it since 5 months and still the same crashes/bugs. Just find the right way between making money and making the community proud of you and your work. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO
  4. Everyone is affected by these changes, i dont get why are you deliberately ignoring our (survival players) feedback about survival on every topic
  5. Jinsang


    Hi, idk if these guys are using lags in their favor or if it's not their fault and the latest update made this... These guys who are playing from Thaïland are laggy af, its like they're picking/shooting and you can see/hear them picking/shooting 3sec later, unplayable, please fix it
  6. Thing is im not using any macro, even if the subject is interesting thats not the goal of my topic, can someone close it please, thanks.
  7. I totally agree with sunshine, im playing NewZ since it was called Warz, Infestation survivor stories and stuff... In my opinion this mode is called survival for a reason, you've to survive against environment obviously but also against players and it must scare you to meet someone and taking the risk of loosing your stuff. If you put private servers thats gonna remove this main goal/pressure and divide our community (i mean survival players) which is currently not huge... NEXT
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