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  1. Your not alone. I too received NOTHING from the wipe.
  2. You want a wipe? You have lost your mind. They tried this before and it DID NOT work to solve any issues. Only cost the game players, LOTS of players. If you are fairly new and don't have lots of stuff, too bad. It is how everyone starts out, do as others have suggested (just like we did when we started) go farming! If your an older player with lots of stuff and you want rid of it, sell it, or give it away. Now as for how much stuff I have in my GI, (LOTS BTW) leave it the [email protected] alone!
  3. It is a nice addition. Nice to see new zombies of some sort. I was going to a secret spot and was unaware of the dogs. I heard some sort of growling noise and gave it no mind. I then found that after I had killed the zombie that was attacking me I was still getting hit by 'something'. I looked down to find a zombie dog. I made a mental note of this and continued on my looting. I have discovered that based on several encounters, they are nothing more than an annoyance for players with some skills. They are fast, and that seems to be their only advantage. They can be killed far too easily. It takes two hits on a zombie with a M9 Bayonet to kill them, but it only take one hit on the zombie dogs to kill them. They need a better pack mentality; possibly make one dog howl alerting ALL the other dogs when it sees a player. Give them more of a jump (you can get on a desk in the secret spot and not get bitten). You can also out run them and turn a corner quickly they loose their sense of where you went. They should be able to track you.
  4. I am not sure where to find information on this. I searched the forum and still could not find the information I needed. I am looking to find information on the rankings such as Bronze, Wood, Silver etc, I am trying to explain this to a friend who might be interested in playing.
  5. Thank you Iybert! I totally agree on what you said. I now have video proof of the server issues I mentioned. If the way they handle things continues as it has been, I too will be taking my gaming time and money elsewhere.
  6. So your saying that MY computer or MY end was also causing the other players to have issues as well? WOW just goes to show how inept support is. Always blaming the gamer and never taking responsibility for a broken game and servers. Nice to know; and you wonder why the game is dying.
  7. I had trouble playing on the North American (I live in the United States, so the North American server is my closest one) servers the other day. Several people did and were discussing it in game chat as well. Sent a report to support and pointed out that the North American servers were all in red ping indicating a problem. I was told that it was a problem on my end because that is what servers look like when there is a ping issue on the players end. This is bullshit!!! My wife was sitting right next to me and playing at the same time ( her comp is way older than mine) and she had NO issues! Support can NOT blame my computer either( like they are so fond of doing) because I have a brand new gaming computer that I bought specifically for gaming. So, support sucks as always, but hey, that's nothing new!!!
  8. JKS, it's not just in BR, they cheat EVERYWHERE!! Nothing gets done, nothing of significance anyways. It's sad when players have to CHEAT to be able to play a game!! But that's ok, CHEATING just makes up for their lack of real skill!!
  9. I think this needs to be placed under the Battle Royal section, and not in the Halloween Event area.
  10. I must say, I have to agree with this 100%. WHY only 1 spot per map? This is just insane.
  11. Well @Sven, @Fred, @ElChupacabra I had to put in a support ticket, and once again the 'support staff' fell short! The response time listed was 1 hour and 28 min. BUT 6 hours later STILL NO RESPONSE! Today as I write this it has been over 24 hours with NO response! This is a continual issue with 'support'. This is also not the first time I have made it known about the SERIOUS lack of a timely response by 'support! They list a time they will reply and yet they NEVER keep their word! Honestly, if they cant commit to the time frame they list, WHY give a time in the first place! PS: @Sven My frustration in this matter is not directed at you by any means. You have done a great job of the weekend events and other small things that you do, as well as you actually listen to the players, and for this I thank you!!!
  12. Thank you Campers and Bravodog. I think something might be wrong with my login. I click to login to the site and it logs me in just fine. I can post and vote on suggestions. When I click on the 'home' button it tells me that I need to verify my email (even thought I am already logged in) so, I go through the process of 'verifying my email', it says it sends the e mail, but I never get it in my inbox, spam folder, or anywhere.
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