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  1. JKS, it's not just in BR, they cheat EVERYWHERE!! Nothing gets done, nothing of significance anyways. It's sad when players have to CHEAT to be able to play a game!! But that's ok, CHEATING just makes up for their lack of real skill!!
  2. I think this needs to be placed under the Battle Royal section, and not in the Halloween Event area.
  3. I must say, I have to agree with this 100%. WHY only 1 spot per map? This is just insane.
  4. Well @Sven, @Fred, @ElChupacabra I had to put in a support ticket, and once again the 'support staff' fell short! The response time listed was 1 hour and 28 min. BUT 6 hours later STILL NO RESPONSE! Today as I write this it has been over 24 hours with NO response! This is a continual issue with 'support'. This is also not the first time I have made it known about the SERIOUS lack of a timely response by 'support! They list a time they will reply and yet they NEVER keep their word! Honestly, if they cant commit to the time frame they list, WHY give a time in the first place! PS: @Sven My frustration in this matter is not directed at you by any means. You have done a great job of the weekend events and other small things that you do, as well as you actually listen to the players, and for this I thank you!!!
  5. Thank you Campers and Bravodog. I think something might be wrong with my login. I click to login to the site and it logs me in just fine. I can post and vote on suggestions. When I click on the 'home' button it tells me that I need to verify my email (even thought I am already logged in) so, I go through the process of 'verifying my email', it says it sends the e mail, but I never get it in my inbox, spam folder, or anywhere.
  6. Thanks Campers. I am not sure what's going on. I did like you said and it tells me I need to verify my account.....BUT I am already logged in and can post and vote on suggestions.
  7. Loving the new suggestion page! Question though.........how can we upload an image for our profile pic? The current profile options do not allow for this.
  8. On a different Weekend Event post (week of May 26-28th) I mentioned all zombies not dropping GD. My post was kindly answered by Steve, (as you can see by his comment to me ref: my May 29th post) assuring me that now all zombies will be doping some sort of GD. This is why I was wondering why not all zombies were dropping GD.
  9. The zombies I killed were killed one at a time, most dropped GD and the 100 Exp, but not ALL dropped GD. There was no GD dropped, only 100 Exp added. I guess I was unaware that not all zombies dropped GD regardless of the amount. If this is the case then it seems like we see more of this during double GD events.
  10. Thank you @Sven for a great event so far! I really am enjoying the scenery in the secret spots. Hopefully we will get to see those statue remains in future events. The double GD and double Exp for two weekends was nice as well, but I do have one issue. Tonight I rounded up a very large hoard of zombies, and I sniped them one at a time, just to see exactly what I was getting. To my dismay, there were several that only gave exp, no double GD at all! I tried killing in different locations and the same thing occurred. There was an issue with this in the past and I thought that it had been fixed, but here we are again. It is a bit disappointing to find out after you have been killing an incredible amount of zombies, you were not given the full double GD as promised. Thanks again for the cool event.
  11. There was no PVE aspect what-so-ever with this event. Things being on sale does not count. Everyone can already buy thing. PVE players have been suggesting constructive ideas for a long while now. As a matter of fact we were directly asked to do so, and we did. It seems that the only thing we got so far was Viking week (thanks to Sven it was already in the works) Police week, which I think we suggested, and the PVE only server in Survival...which PVE players feel should be a permanent server. And lastly (this comment, my original post, is posted here because the thread in Troubleshooting was closed with NO explanation!) "Could someone please explain to me WHY my support ticket was re-opened ( at my request) but no one has made any effort to answer it. The last response I got from Support was on August 23 rd stating that my ticket was re-opened . It is now August 28th and I have no answer or reply from support!! I also would like to point out that I also logged a complaint to [email protected] making note that I was for some reason at that time locked out of logging in to reply to or check my tickets. This issue has been resolved and I can now log in to check things. However, this leads me to my second question for support and the Devs. You can read my ticket # 112571 and see the issues I was having with FPS and Ping when I tried to play on various PVE servers. MAJOR issues and had I not found a fix myself, I still would not be able to play as the game preformed terribly resulting in my death EVERY time I tried to play. This issue was originally reported on August 2nd. August 2nd until August 28th....and counting is a LONG time NOT to have an issue resolved!! I will now tell you HOW I FIXED it!!! After an ongoing debate with my wife, we decided to renew our private server one more time this year. SURPRISINGLY, now that I am playing on our own private PAID FOR server my game plays just fine with NO issues!!! Now explain that, because it is utter BS that now since I play on a PAYED server my game just suddenly works fine!!! And one final note....when support gives a time frame for a response, they should damn well keep their word! No excuse for 'the weekend','out of office', 'on vacation'. or whatever. IT DOES NOT MATTER! If support can not or will not be able to reply for some time that's OK, but at least SAY SO! This still does not get support off the hook however. Players play LOTS on the weekends too, especially during weekend events, so if an issue arises there NEEDS to be someone to assist them in a timely manner! PS: Sven, I know you talked to me about my ticket and ElChupacabra was supposed to be looking into it, but how long was I supposed to wait? It has been almost 1 month, and like I stated before, had I not 'fixed' this myself, I would STILL NOT be able to play." This thread NEEDS a reply. Just because I told you how I fixed my issue, does not mean that you can simply lock the thread with NO explanation as to why the issue happened. The game play was horrific at best, but what I really want to know is WHY, after I paid for a server things all of the sudden play with NO issues....
  12. So, I have been reading this thread and now I will ad my opinions. I agree with what DNI Adrian said about Sven. When he was trying to help make the game icons and things look better and function better, we were told that "he was too busy to do those sorts of things". What I see happening here is Devs placing too much other work on Sven leaving him no choice but not being able to do said requests. It's not his fault he can't help us, it's on you 3lias. The new support web page looks good, BUT a new support page does no good if people are not going to be there to staff it. We are NOT being listened to! During a weekend event having things on sale does NOTHING for the PVE players. Where are the BR maps get changed, (PVP focused) Private server rental sale (PVE only benefits from this IF you buy a server), skin box sale (again NOT of any benefit to PVE players) as anyone can purchase them if they have the money, so it's not PVE specific. Stream rewards, again anyone can do, with no specific PVE element. Basically the whole weekend was a bust for the PVE players. NOTHING special. Time after time after time the PVE players have left comments and ideas that have went unheard, and THIS is why we feel that no one is listening or doing anything about it. You think it is annoying, then FIX it! It is not that hard to make 2 things for PVP and 2 things for PVE during weekend events.
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