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  1. 0/25 just means that most players only know how to play in 3rd person, which they can cheat in more. I think 1st person only makes a nice challenge, not to mention it might help to weed out the cheats.
  2. Where are the Valentine clothes? They are not in the store to be purchased. Only seen them in the market.
  3. Nice patch guys. Love the new crosshair feature. It makes things a whole lot easier now.
  4. Did you double check in your learned skins section. If you learned the skin you should not have lost it. I would take an m9 out and try to skin it. Hope this helps.
  5. Does the stack invantory feature unskin items?
  6. Katryna247


    Just started to play BR thanks to my wife's constant begging me to 'try' it. My observation has been this so far......IT SUCLKS!!! FIX it! STOP spawning groups so damn close to each other, or individuals near groups or on top of each other! You don't even get to last more than 30 seconds or so and have NO chanve to play! It's no wonder people do NOT want to play this mode. You have whole map reguardless of what region (Tropico, Arizona etc.) so use it!
  7. Thank you. More or less crap though, because when the supers drop gd skinboxes the ones you can buy for BR toens are the same. Junk!
  8. I'm new to playing BR. What are the coins you get used for?
  9. Would some one please REMOVE the Viking Village on the waterfront near Crystal Lake. The Viking event was in June of 2019 and the village STILL is on the waterfront.
  10. Same bullshit today as before, supers NOT dropping winter boxes! Why bother buying premium account especially if the game is NOT working as stated!!
  11. Why are super zombies not dropping winter boxes? I have killed over 50 in the past 12 hrs and have not got any boxes.
  12. Nothing for the PVE people...yet again.
  13. In the Christmas tree areas, the regular Christmas crates that require keys are not spawning correctly. In thier place regular item crates (the wooden looking ones that are red colored) that do not require keys are spawning. When you open theese crates you get wrapped candy, snowman heads, elf hats, hypnopops etc. The Christmas skin boxes or the Christmas crates are not spawning. This is happening on more than on server in all Colorado locations.
  14. WTH is going on with some of the item crates in the rooms that require keys to enter? Numerous times this evening while playing I used a keycard to enter a locked room but then got a message saying that I needed another key to open the crates inside! I thought it was a glitch so I quit and re-loaded my game, same issue.
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