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  1. Yes I agree that bugs like this should be fixed, but those things aren't the main focus points. The major problems are the loot and pvp. There is no value to loot like there used to be. For example, when someone logs into a server with a sniper everyone should be fighting/wanting it. Nowadays nobody cares if they lose anything because there is so much loot on each server. Also, pvp used to be the best when there was only open world servers because you would have to loot and try to stay alive, which gave the adrenaline rush that everybody loved. Only open world servers made it so that players would know which servers the action was at and which servers they could be somewhat safe to loot at. I love how they added different games modes like BR and competitive, but nothing will beat going to clearview with your group and facing multiple clans at the same time.
  2. https://ibb.co/SXRMYVD From the looks of it you guys aren't even replying to anyone else. Everyone just wants you guys to improve the game. Looking at average player percentage on steam charts, its sad to see that 3 years ago was the peak at almost 9,000 players and 3 years later you guys have lost almost 95% of the player population and the average amount of players gets lower every month. I understand that like most games people will leave and find something else to play, but it seems like people who loved playing this game are even leaving.
  3. I just re downloaded Newz after not playing for a while and noticed that the game is dying. I wanna start playing this game again, but when i try to join any NA server the most amount of people on it would be 10. I don't think there is a point in playing anymore. I've been playing ISS and Newz since they basically came out. I was thinking everyone in the community should put their ideas on this thread to see if the devs will try and save the game. Lets make it happen and make the game playable again!
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