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  1. We are "Team Disarray" and we breed chaos to the hearts of our enemies, We are looking for active and chill players, To help us destroy our enemies!!! • If You Would To Join Please Check Our Discord Link Down Below -Requirements- • Must Be Age of 17+ • Must Own Discord • Must Own A Mic To Communicate And Do Call Outs On Discord • Have Decent Knowledge Of The Game (Willing To Take New Players) • Must Use There Own GI To PvP -Rules- • Do Not Spam Discord, You Will Be Warned, If You Continue To Do So You Will Be Banned From The Clan And Discord • Do Not Bring Any Drama That You Have In The Pass Or Present With Other Players in Infestation The New Z, We Are Trying To Keep A Positive/ A Good Reputation • Ask Permission With The People You Are Currently Playing With In The Clan If Its Ok To Stream That Session, Because People Might Not Like Being Stream Sniped • DO NOT HACK!!!!!, You Will Be Immediately Removed From The Clan • No Scammers, You Will Be Immediately Removed Clan -Discord Link- When Joining Our Discord Server All Applications Will Be Handled There LINK
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