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  1. if you compare it to arcade,yes low
  2. there are 2 seperate modes. arcade with lots of loot and survival with low and more balanced loot try survival its almost like the old days
  3. can you put this menu music in a weekend event like this if you still have the files for it? that would be awesome for the nostalgia
  4. [SOVI] clan was playing with 3 people on a 2 man server, is it worth reporting? whats the punishment for it?
  5. papajump

    menu music

    if you still have the "new" menu music from iss, can you put it in the game for a special weekend or something? just to feel some nostalgia this one:
  6. winter time is my favourite in newz looks so dope and chilling
  7. make the clan/ group limit to 5 on springvalley instead of 10. 10 is to much for a 30 player server
  8. 1 if they wipe arcade 90% of the existing players(who are arcade only players) will leave 2 there was a wipe of snipers a few year ago and since then the sniper loot is decreased 3 most of the people who have lots of snipers in their inventory farmed a lot 4 theoratically if they wipe arcade, its almost like survival then whats the point of the seperate gamemodes? 5 reading through your posts you are trying to change the core of the game, fred and his team didnt invent this game, remember this game came out 8 years ago in 2012 and back then this game was "revolutionary", compared to dayz the big zombie/pvp game, your argument about this one character system is not logical in my opinion, its the same as if you wanted 5 characters in dayz and to be able to store your items in your global inventory, never gonna happen, its such a change that makes the game fundamentally different. 6 people who are so good with snipers and shooting in general have been playing warz/iss/iss world/iss thai/ and maybe other emulators and now newz for years of course you master the game mechanics and tricks to your own advantage to kill you, thats the whole point of the game, this game never meant to be a zombie fighting game, since day 1 of warz everybody felt that its around pvp and not fighting zombies( there are pve players who prefer looting but they dont play that much pvp)lets make a comparison to csgo, its hard for a new player to play against global elite players because the skill gap is different, same in newz too, i understand your annoyance but those people who have many characters for example in smallville with a stacked GI grinded a lot to achieve that, farm hardened on all chars and full gi, that takes time and effort, some may find looting relaxing some may find it repetative and boring but grind is grind. 7 but with most of your opinions in common i agree with you we need some changes/fixes (cant tell specifics right now LUL) 8 this game takes lots of hours to master, the game sped up, every day it becomes more and more faster then before (thats why you see people close combat with snipers, they are confident in shooting you while jumping and quickscoping, they are good thats it, i have 1500+ hours in all iss's and emulators and im still bad, but im trying my best to improve) (3 am thoughts kinda all over the place lmao, thank you for reading to the end ) +i enjoy the game more then ever, the new survival is awesome love it
  9. car spawns: https://gyazo.com/1980f78a589a5bc62ce5074b33163b09 not guaranteed that you always find a car at these spots, its random and 13 car spawns in total you cant pick up cars in survival
  10. og moss was a big mess, youd get stuck a lot of times, and colorado v1 like in warz didnt have moss on buildings, and what rumors ive heard oregon and v1 will be released
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