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  1. i hope they will release it after my exams haha
  2. sniper only: only snipers ar only: only assault rifles mix: shotguns snipers and ar's please consider it thx @ElChupacabra
  3. @Svena69 @kazmightONFIRE @Egoist
  4. Hello can you remove shotguns from pvp servers? its very annoying when in every buliding there are at least 2 ppl camping and ready to 1 shot you with a shotgun thx
  5. @Svena69yea but considering the 27% vat i get less from the website why are you using xsolla? why is it so good that you using are it?
  6. i didnt understand anything but it was good
  7. +1 new reputation ranks and symbols
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