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  1. I don't know who of the Team got that idea, but slap him and no more coffee for him :). Seriously, sure some have issues with cars. in the past i had too, but however, now i never crash when i hop out of car (was my issue with them) Maybe you just create a NEW topic, JUST for carissues, follow them and see what you can do. But to remove all of them... meh. don't make me stop play the game.
  2. Well it is open World and a good lootspot, so. And for pvp every highbuilding is a camperspot. thats normal.
  3. The Screenshots from Structure and outsdide just show that all is normal now. For Parkerville, you stand on the grass and zombies dont come to you. before 2.20 that was and shouldn't happen. was never save. New screenshot from Zeta, there are no zombies now: https://imgur.com/MP6xNdu Edit: There is also no loot.
  4. So far so good most problems are solved. Structurwalking: https://imgur.com/VpQj9mF Zombies at Spots outside citys: https://imgur.com/IKLtTev But still a problem with Parkerville, maybe zombies eat their ears : https://imgur.com/Zxkzj0g Farm near Emerald still wothout zombies: https://imgur.com/OW1BDYE Question, is the Tuk Tuk in game? I never found any. And maybe work at vehiclephysic?
  5. About the glitching? it happens everytime everywhere. If you ask about the busbug, nah, thats no big deal, it happens when you drive with any vehicle very close to the bus which spawned as pickable vehicle anywhere and jump out. then you are sometimes inside the bus, just a funthing, nothing that needs an overwork.
  6. So here are the screenshots. Varo : https://imgur.com/FEcImzz When spawn within red area, you are always in a crowd of zombies. before 2.19 they all was inside Varo. At NAto Airbase is same. See here: https://imgur.com/5oRz6vY and https://imgur.com/diYDjuw So now i take the partybus https://imgur.com/Z6jfhz8 and do warmup party in lounge https://imgur.com/WYfMn0U PS: About Zombies, they can walk through nearly everything now, tanks, containers, walls, fences and so on, can you check it please?
  7. Ok i will make some, when i log inot that areas and hopeful spawn at that spots.
  8. Btw, with what kind of software you made it? Beside that, as i walk around on Colorado, i saw some Spawn when you join are... [insert word here]. You spawn within a huge amount of zombies and spawnprotectiontime is no^t long enough. Maybe you can overwork the playerspawns there a bit. For example, Nato Airbase, Varo Contaionment.
  9. Share the Loungesong with us at soundcloud
  10. I love the new Bar in Lounge, good Job. Who made the Song of the Lounge? On colorado is now an issue with Zombies and the range of their detection. you can stand next to them with car and they don't hear you. Sample -> https://imgur.com/ZJRJyZO Now zombies walk through structures, for example Tanksd, Walls and so on. Sample: https://imgur.com/RzQBnJf And as i told before in Feedbackforum some places still missing Zombies, now it hits Campos again
  11. Use your most powwerful weapon.. patience
  12. Isshogei


    Many player have this problem all the time. you drive along to a place, get out of the car hit F5 to put it back. then it comes an useless effect (sorry just my opinion) Fire and smoke kill your game And suddenly.. oops you see this https://imgur.com/T5dTRHV So please be so kind and remove that effect out of game when we pick up our cars. thank you
  13. Right after the hotfix, zombies are now a little bit buggy. the react nearly 0 to a car or gun. Well the range of it is very very low now -> Shhhhhh way closer but 0 reaction They fall asleep maybe The range that i was on picture, was with car and is NOT the end of stretwalk from zombies. normal the walk way more outside and follow you. Be so kind and check it out please.
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