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  1. you forgot that you were using macro in the 2nd clip @SurZeus ;))
  2. yeah I know, but if it was added it shouldn't be exclusively for premium
  3. that should be in the game by default, everybody wants it - making it a premium perk is an awful idea however.
  4. Yes, but there's no way of doing it
  5. camy

    Wake up.

    lul 'famous players' - like who?
  6. I agree with Nick, leaning wouldn't really suit the game-style of NewZ
  7. camy

    Wake up.

    Hahaha, fair enough man
  8. camy

    Wake up.

    I know this might not sound good because of previous competition, but why don't you hire some people who worked on the other emulators in the past?
  9. camy

    Wake up.

    Yeah, they added Cali, so why not something like Miami or Florida, or even a snowy map like Toronto lul
  10. camy

    Veteran Badge

    I understand that you guys have added a Veteran tag to the leaderboard, which is very good - I think it would be good if you added the amount of years a player has played for {maybe just a small number next to the vet tag, or even color-coded}.
  11. camy

    Wake up.

    This would be great. I agree with your whole Col V2 thing too, although I believe a new map would be better than fixing up V2.
  12. That'd be super cool to have in the game
  13. camy

    Super zombie bug

    Never had this problem before, maybe try lowering your video settings.
  14. camy

    Loot Map

    Doing the same thing since WarZ on the same map, it gets boring and repetitive, I'd understand for new players it would be fun - maybe it would for me too if there was a new map to play on .
  15. camy

    Group Invite

    People group on PVE to see where you are, so they don't loot where you're looting and you don't loot where they are. Around 99% of the time it has nothing to do with teaming up.
  16. camy

    [Solved] esp

  17. camy

    Loot Map

    Still looking, if anybody has one PM me
  18. A marking system would be cool, if you've ever played a Battlefield game, you'd know that 'Q' would tag an enemy/vehicle/capture point. It would be cool if we could tag POI's {points of interest}.
  19. camy

    Loot Map

    Item boxes/Snipers/Skinboxes
  20. camy

    Loot Map

    I'm not really looking for ridgeway, I should've said in the post
  21. Yeah, I believe a ping-cap should be in place e.g; people can only connect to a server if their ping is 150 or under in that location!
  22. camy

    Loot Map

    Does anyone have a custom map they've made with all the loot spawns marked? There used to be tonnes, but I haven't seen one since the loot change a few months ago I'll happily give 500k GD to whoever gives me the best V1 map [Not of Ridgeway/NORAD!]
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