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  1. greetings. Can you make a separate game focused on the old ISS? but the game would be paid, that is, buy keys. If you did exactly like the Old ISS, with the Colorado V2, loot exactly the same, cars, at least 30 servers, pvp, not pve, etc ... I would buy if the price was about 5 or 10 € / $. You can add the SZ, Slicers, radiation zones, airdrops, cash helicopters and more that you did well in the current NEWZ, but the loot would have to be spread across the map areas instead of placing everything in one place like the buildings with black and military boxes, adding wooden boxes. Snipers would not be ultra rare, but they would also not be a sniper fest. Think about it and they dedicated themselves to paid game. I bought a key.
  2. this community doesnt participate in nothing. there is a lot of small changes that needed and makes a hugh diference on experience of the game like old days. OLD PLAYERS just wanna the back days with a better anticheat like this. Nothing more.
  3. https://postimg.cc/BjVHS457 (Check the image i did upload) So, are you saying for i dont break the car, i need the fallow the "yellow line" when i could fallow the "red line"? I use the red line, but a car with with durability "3" only can go from Norad to Safezone and i cant go back. If a car have a durability "5" i only can go from Norad to Safezone and go back once. I suggest a roads on "green line" or much better, a colorado v2, have 4 safezones and better roads for safezones. BTW. in Superior Junction i pick a car with durability "3" and i did go careful from there to castle pine and go back, always fallowing the road and avoiding the zombies and hit something, but the car start smoke from nothing....I dont understand.
  4. The vehicles are too weak, they can't take from norad to blue ridge without bursting. put vehicles with more resistance. Made some roads or something, they cant take go and back without destroied. GIve some information about ir
  5. who´s agree? or maybe add roads on V1 and more safezones, on left and middle side of the map
  6. i think the v2 its better and better optimized for survival and better for driving cars. more safezones. on v1 its horrible drive car from mountains and he stuck everywhere, 3 safezones and left side of map its empty.
  7. Really devs? stop changing the loot table everyday. Same server and low population. What´s the point playing if one day its a good game with loot and other day is a walking simulator. Its survival, but u willl not survive for so long with thief helmets, gas masks and clown masks. Put loot like "yesterday". Yesterday loot: Today loot:
  8. what means this orange and purple simbols? Survival 12 Begginer, its PVE? https://i.postimg.cc/d1QQF9XJ/Sem-T-tulo.png
  9. The icon for the Airdrop will disappear after the Airdrop is looted.) isnt fixed yet. i did open a airdrop box and nothing there, the icon didnt disapear. Fix the spawn in middle of zombies at least happen in boulder city and rocky ford
  10. Im not saying this should be copy/paste as i said, im just saying the loot need be organizated and need more loot. I let my player died because i didnt find FOOD in rocky ford running 11 servers, ffs this is extremly bad. Not everyone have +3h per day to play, so for we have some fun and dont be extremly hard to find anything, they need to organize the loot and put it respawn faster. ALL I ASK ITS WHAT THEY PROMISSE, THE CLASSIC ISS, AND WHAT I REMMEMBER, ISNT THIS FOR SURE.
  11. Hello, all devs and other people involved in this game. First of all, thank you for give us this game f2p and working it, but i need something to say you. This Survival Mode needs a intervention soon as possible, because its horrible, the loot, the Super Zombies everywhere, dog zombies, etc... This survival mode needs a loot organization. Small towns - smgs/pistols/shotguns, medium backpacks/teddy´s, food/drink, attachments/magazines, melee weapons, and meds at least bandages. Big towns - AR´s, Heavy Guns, Large/Alice backpacks, Meds at least Antibiotics, Pain killers, Melees, Civilian NVG, food/drinks, Helmets and light vests. Roadblocks - (Like oak montain and other) - Meds, food/drink, Backpacks, Melees and some magazines and pistols/smgs/shotguns. Military Zones (Tents and other places like Norad, Camp Splinter, etc...) - AR´s, Helmets and Vest´s, meds like antibiotics, bandage dx and medkits, lockerbox, snipers, snipers magazines and some food/drink, good melees (+50% zombies damage). Other sugestions: - Begginer Zone, for example Rocky Ford and Whitestone Mountain its closer to safezone, so put high rate loot there for begginers have a fast start. - More Safezones (at least +2) in middle of the map and left side of the map. - Dont put sniper ultrarare, all we love the sniper experience in this game, so put in military zones and secret places - Bring back the wood crates for good loot, like old ISS - XP Boost Zones (zones with a lot of zombies to win XP fast) - Cars? well its be more fun and scared to go safezones walking - Replace the autorun funcion to autowalk, so this way we can rest the finger while the stamina restore. - Loot respawn faster (10/15minutes i think) - Remove craft? well its useless in my opinion. - Only Colorado V1 (V2 wasnt bad, too) and more servers (15) - Scary sounds? well its bad, sometimes we need ear something and we cant. - Sneak? remove it I hope you listen the community, its us who play the game and keep it ON.
  12. wtf, the handguns ir too OP or i pick some cheaters? i need to spend half magazine with ARs in guys without helmet and kevlar too kill them, and a guy killed me with 2 shots with handgun and im using helmet and kevlar? wth
  13. The loot its so horrible man, this is not like OLD ISS. Its take so long to respawn again, the places like camp splinter, oak mountain, boulder city, rocky ford, etc...its so horrible or not loot at all. Too many zombies and super zombies everywhere. For who loves OLD ISS, this isnt the same. Its needed more backpacks, meds, melees. Its need loot in road blocks, markets, ambulances, etc...U need organize the loot, because this way its so booring run and run for nothing, just saying.
  14. My Opinion about loot/survival - Add more colorado v1 servers or only colorado v1 servers - 3 or 4. - Loot like original infestation (more backpacks / melees / smgs and shotguns) - Add loot in your locations (ex: Military loot in military zones (AR, Helmets, Armor), More Meds in Ambulances and Farmacys, Etc...) - Remove craft system, isnt fun... - Reduce the weapons damage (i was killed for 150/200 meters aways with 2 AR bullets and im with helmet/ armor....ok i not skill tree, but its ridiculous) - Add more 2 safezones in colorado v1 (center of the map and left side.) - Reduce Zombies - Super Zombies only in Norad and Airport - And a few more stuffs need, because now i get bored so fast. The best thing u could do its turn survival mode in Original Infestation, where all servers with 30 or more players. (before hackers invasion) PLS JUST LISTEN ME AND ALL PEOPLE O LOVE THIS GAME TYPE MORE LIKE SURVIVAL AND NOT PVP JUST FOR PVP.
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