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  1. Alright thanks for the Answer. Thread can be closed.
  2. Bin jetzt bei Gamerlounge Soulstealer. Ingame Tag ist IOSE.
  3. Just wanted to know if there is a fixed amount of items in a Airdrop. Edit* Gc one
  4. SinExx


    Sooo i thought to myself why not buy a little bit of Gc today but then i saw that there is this 25% increase of Prices on every Transaction because of some kind of fee and Vat ( I kinda know it, but have never seen it on a Transaction for Ingame Currency) which i have never seen on any other Game before so i tried looking it up but couldn´t find it. So i wanted to ask what these Fee´s are Supposed to be for.
  5. Wanted to know how much Twin Red Lightsword is worth (Hope that i can get Multiple answers ) Edit*
  6. Da bis jetzt trotz Bewerbung noch kein Kontakt zustande kam habe ich mich woanders beworben. Schade das es nicht geklappt hat, danke aber trotzdem für den Versuch von deiner Seite aus.
  7. It´s impossible to be hit at that angle from the construction site... atleast from the accessible floors. i would say 1 Shooter with a High ping... happens to me often if i play against TH players. Btw the corpse is flying backwards. (whole body)
  8. -1 Can only say that survival Mode is good as it is.... if i want massive Clan fights i can play on the Normal Servers 5 or 10 is ridiculous since there is always 1 or 2 Server with like 40ppl and if u went in that Server with 10 ppl kinda LOL. Can only guess that u want to Dominate 1 or 2 Ppl with 10 Clanmembers which is kinda sad.
  9. Sooo i lost my Phone and now i can´t log in on the Site which means i can´t contact the Support hope a Dev/Mod can help me out here.
  10. @Sek0 Heyho habe gerade meine Bewerbung abgeschickt!
  11. Jo und zwar bin ich wie man dem Titel entnehmen kann auf der Suche nach einem Klan. Mal ein paar Infos zu mir : Mein Name ist Jonathan (Jona) und bin 20 Jahre alt. Infestation spiele ich nun seit WarZ mit gelegentlichen Pausen (Hervorgerufen durch Hacker/Server Shutdowns / Andere Spiele) Sehe hier auch des öfteren das Skill Level Einschätzungen gewünscht sind von daher... Ähm so um die 7 würd ich sagen. War mal besser aber habe jetzt n Zeitlang nicht gespielt. Global ist auch gut gefüllt (wenn Screens gewünscht sind kann ich diese noch schicken). Mein Main heißt Gttingbetter und hat -38000 und eine K/D von 1.92 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey like u can guess from the Title im looking for a Clan Here are some Infos about me: My Name is Jonathan (Jona) and i am 20 Years old. I am playing Infestation since WarZ with some Breaks inbetween ( Caused by Hackers/Server Shutdowns / Playing other Games) Since i´ve been seeing some Threads in the Clan Recruitment section, which Require u to Guess ur own Skill level, here is mine.. So i would say it´s about a 7. Was better but haven´t been playing for a while. Global is filled with a decent amount (if asked i can send u some screens) My Main is Gttingbetter and has -38000 with a K/D of 1.92
  12. Really Curious how Game Dev´s would strike him when he´s stealing other ppl´s Content lel...
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