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  1. hehe , this I realized during the first sniper wipe, and many guys left the game, maybe we lose 20 players now aswell, but I hope we gain many more, and tbh if not leet it die. Feel sry for u that u mean this game is a investment, maybe try to invest in stock market or smt, your chanses for profit might be beter. And yes I know how u feel, felt the same many times about this game, but for once i think Survival could need new players. There is no hard feeling to u btw, I do understand why many feels like u, and Dev's should give back smt to all loyal players, but its hard too see what would be value enough,
  2. Wake up! Your six pack is empty? Maybe u have a half glass left, yes we will get skinned, suggest what they should give back to loyal players instead of thinking playing a game that will die is ok? My statment is mine, nothing wrong with those, same with yours, we can agree to disegree. I have been against all wipes in this game, but still with the earlier wipe I'm still here, I do still care about the game, survival is maybe the last thing that can rescue this game, Arcade is SHIT, its all about rep and pvp servers. If Survival had a bigger playerbase we would not been here. For me the game is more or less dead if nothing new happens, and if u think I have not put my share of money in this game ,think again. I gladly use money if I like spennding my time with it, like it is like now, not that much tbh. I do agree that many need to get something back that mather. A question, is there any game out there that u dont get skinned or ripped of if u use money and time on it? Even poker has its down sidses yes? Nothing last forewer. Yes that was a statement .
  3. OKI guys , leets keep the survival like it is now, so leet us be like 30-40 players be the main playerbase. In 3 months its only the pve's left. How can a game survive on 30-40 players? U guys that are so negativ about the reboot. U keep it gooing alone in a dead game, and the rest off us go to other games instead. Whats dead is dead, the reboot is a new chance to get more players into the game. Yes I lose all my snipers, all my 1000ish AR's . What todo with it when there is so few left ingame. Fuck it, delite all and give the game a new fresh start with new future, even if this goes wrong they did try to rescue a dead game. I was against this to start with, but more i think about it I total agree. I miss the old infestation, and imagen now without hackers, maybe with 1000+ player base. Good work Dev's , finaly a balsy move, if u dont do anything the game will just die, GJ. Looking forward to try the new Infestation survival.
  4. I always felt the same when they did rep wipe, sniper wipe, dx wipe. Used alot of GC to get it all. I rented privat server in Survival aswell for many months. But its a big but now, there are almost no players left, So personly i do think a wipe and resett with old infestation is the right desition. But I do know how u feel. Its bad, but try to see the reward if's sucsess.
  5. The only thing thats confusing is that u did not explain this before adding the market, many of us lost alot of GD when puting out like 10k AR's for sell just to understand when u guys explaining after that u have to pay fee , even when u dont sell. This piss me abit off, Why pay fee when u dont sell? But market is a good ide`. Fee without selling, not that good, but now i know I can deal with it. And thx for adding that u can see its with or without amo!
  6. Its confusing all your rework and new stuff to the game makes most zoombies too sleep, and makes it much worse than ever to farm sesonpass, we just went from 660zoombis ridgeway v2 to 450 after this weekend, and more and more zoombies sleep. Good work! I will never buy sesonpass again, keep up the good work! For me some how most of the zoombies lags when they are 20-50meters away, its just look stupid. But thx for many good years! Cheers all
  7. Privat server , ridgeway, car, and nades, Ez farm, but it will take some time ofc
  8. Contakt me on discord, we chat more there Ko0LHawk#3141
  9. We are closed!
  10. K 0 0 L

    Valentine 2020

    Pleb event! U guys change everything, first day i manged to get 3 boxses, after change i only found some harts. GG I'm not gone waiste anymore time on this!
  11. K 0 0 L

    Valentine 2020

    Have some issues with the valentin contraks in survival, when i pick up harts and keys, they wount register as that and I cant forfill the contrakt. @Sven Figured it out, no use to collect for laiter use.
  12. ye, right now cant bother loot anymore, just waist of time. Before the Alien Zoombie had higher AR dropp . Now only helmets and cmags Thomas MKII. Talked to some players at EU 1 last night, they all complaining that they only found pistols and empty mags. I think the Dev's wants to end survival mode.
  13. I'm gone give u guys a chance to fix this , but I'm getting tired of getting butted. When u rent a server u think u should get some good loot. After killing 10-14 Aliens this week I'm thinking, enough is enough. Plz fixs the loot table, now its worse than ever, I have so many backpacks kstyles kstyle ngv and whatever. Just killed the alien and the super zoombie in Frosty v1. I'm really getting upset. Alien. Thomas MK II, Super zoombie 2 sniper barrels. https://gyazo.com/d164c342b2f5da5d68cd5e81d1be2e25 https://gyazo.com/5dd36bbbcddb0be6111f6f6f05af29e5 https://gyazo.com/3005a610d71d1f29bdad49db2b94ad68 Its no use having a privat server, its just waiste of time when its about looting superzoombies and Aliens. @Sven plz make some better adjustments . Have a look at the loottable.
  14. K 0 0 L

    Weekend Event!

    Nice to get a boost on meds in Survival, finaly a reson to kill zoombies and not just outrun them
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