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  1. The only thing thats confusing is that u did not explain this before adding the market, many of us lost alot of GD when puting out like 10k AR's for sell just to understand when u guys explaining after that u have to pay fee , even when u dont sell. This piss me abit off, Why pay fee when u dont sell? But market is a good ide`. Fee without selling, not that good, but now i know I can deal with it. And thx for adding that u can see its with or without amo!
  2. Its confusing all your rework and new stuff to the game makes most zoombies too sleep, and makes it much worse than ever to farm sesonpass, we just went from 660zoombis ridgeway v2 to 450 after this weekend, and more and more zoombies sleep. Good work! I will never buy sesonpass again, keep up the good work! For me some how most of the zoombies lags when they are 20-50meters away, its just look stupid. But thx for many good years! Cheers all
  3. Privat server , ridgeway, car, and nades, Ez farm, but it will take some time ofc
  4. Contakt me on discord, we chat more there Ko0LHawk#3141
  5. We are closed!
  6. K 0 0 L

    Valentine 2020

    Pleb event! U guys change everything, first day i manged to get 3 boxses, after change i only found some harts. GG I'm not gone waiste anymore time on this!
  7. K 0 0 L

    Valentine 2020

    Have some issues with the valentin contraks in survival, when i pick up harts and keys, they wount register as that and I cant forfill the contrakt. @Sven Figured it out, no use to collect for laiter use.
  8. ye, right now cant bother loot anymore, just waist of time. Before the Alien Zoombie had higher AR dropp . Now only helmets and cmags Thomas MKII. Talked to some players at EU 1 last night, they all complaining that they only found pistols and empty mags. I think the Dev's wants to end survival mode.
  9. I'm gone give u guys a chance to fix this , but I'm getting tired of getting butted. When u rent a server u think u should get some good loot. After killing 10-14 Aliens this week I'm thinking, enough is enough. Plz fixs the loot table, now its worse than ever, I have so many backpacks kstyles kstyle ngv and whatever. Just killed the alien and the super zoombie in Frosty v1. I'm really getting upset. Alien. Thomas MK II, Super zoombie 2 sniper barrels. https://gyazo.com/d164c342b2f5da5d68cd5e81d1be2e25 https://gyazo.com/5dd36bbbcddb0be6111f6f6f05af29e5 https://gyazo.com/3005a610d71d1f29bdad49db2b94ad68 Its no use having a privat server, its just waiste of time when its about looting superzoombies and Aliens. @Sven plz make some better adjustments . Have a look at the loottable.
  10. K 0 0 L

    Weekend Event!

    Nice to get a boost on meds in Survival, finaly a reson to kill zoombies and not just outrun them
  11. K 0 0 L

    Weekend Event!

    I never thought I'm gone say this.... GANDALF was lucky somehow.... he did not play this game
  12. K 0 0 L

    Weekend Event!

    Double Crystal Spawn Chance (OW + SURV)Drop chances for the Sapphire and Emerald Crystal(s) have been doubled. This means they are a lot more common and easier to find! U guys sure u have enabled this is survival? I kinda loot alot in survival, and I'm not even near making one staf. Feels like a veary waisted time do u aske me, try to find some crystal amongs 50k christmas spray recipes. Remove all the stupid things and get some decent loot instead. Just went Norad on v1 on privat server, it was only pistols and emptymags, and alot of vss mags... What i'm gone do with vss sniper amo? Plz remove all the shit plz, its just anoying. Thx for the superzoombie upgrade, kinda tired of all the sniper barrols and sniper stocks. Do u guys know what loot this super zoombies even dropp? , when halv is kinda sniper stocks barrols that we just throw away? Seams like something is missing.. comunication or u guys not even play your game. Plz have a look at the loot table and remove the unnessary stuff. Thx
  13. K 0 0 L

    Winter 2019

    Not really, but i quoted : This is deffo devs being totally lazy and middle finger to those who support this game with money. And yes its a free game and why bother complain and be negative to those who spend money and still like to play the game. I agree that we all should have our meaning, but dont trash those who still support the game and hope for further achivments. But quoting me on some words without seeing the contest in what i said is just sad.. Try to see the bigger picture.
  14. K 0 0 L

    Winter 2019

    Sorry that u feel like this, U are just one of the guys that think all is free in the world, I rly feel sorry for u. ..I.. I hope more guys support this game so it will envolve instead of just die like other infestation games.
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