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  1. Honely

    Event Server

    Hey, we often play clanwars and now we need server... anyone have?
  2. Hello i have question, how i can do nick with space before name ( mistrz), i saw some ppl have nick names with it but i cant do it ,
  3. Honely

    Buy VSS

    Hey i would like to buy vss! PM ME
  4. yo yo yo here mistrz , im back to game and playing with Paruwa xD,  We  would like to ask, are you recruting to clan ? 

  5. Honely


    what do you mean ?
  6. Honely


    I would like to ask if you could check who has the nickname "mistrz" and if this person is active because I would like this name but is unfortunately busy
  7. Honely


    Hey i would like to buy saiga ammo! PM ME!
  8. Honely

    Buy M107!

    Hey i wanna buy m107
  9. Honely

    Buy VSS!

    Hey I want to buy VSS! -
  10. Honely

    Colorado v1

    any admin checked this post?
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