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  1. BIG +1 to this not only that devs/game mods should stop banning people from discord just because people are bringing up good points/opinions to help the game out
  2. yeah you guys been talking about this but never came out in the past year we need this mode to save the game noobs
  3. Nivlac

    Stream Sniping

    ScreenShot 1:https://gyazo.com/56618fcc926eda7987d6b6f4323075f5 screenshot 1 is bascially the guy named Xking in the stream Screenshot 2: https://gyazo.com/f2ead07e4f30d5acb159ac81c147ccef screenshot 2 is the guy in the game with the streamer both and twitch and in game Screenshot 3:https://gyazo.com/73e2757345d1bb81680dec2a4bff1d7a screenshot 3 is my screenshot to show if screenshot 2 wasnt clear enough Name of stream sniper xkingx21
  4. Username Nivwolf Screenshot 1:https://gyazo.com/7f58b28692108bd586697b724b22cb5a Screenshot 2:https://gyazo.com/b80edcd242952df1aedd9e42b1498b91 Screenshot 3:https://gyazo.com/c150adebbb7da4dcca348d95b7915b48 Screenshot 4:https://gyazo.com/f8d929a1586f52a0ccfbb5bc0e4c2493 Screenshot 5:https://gyazo.com/285d12b08a186ebf7ad68aa24df6cdb7
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