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  1. 2000 euros computer, running AAA games full ultra 1920x1080 and get 150-200 fps. Running NewZ everything on low 1280x720, sometimes i play with 50 fps and even have fps drops. I think this is enough said lmao.
  2. That's a big way to NOT run a business, matter of fact this "business" is going to shit and when all the asians will go on their emulators newz will die for good. If you want to run a perfect business you don't have to think about money because if you do run it good, money will come without you even noticing that. (talking about first year of newz)
  3. In a BR sometimes skill doesn't really matter when you are 1v4 since you have no shields, no skill tree, no meds etc banning teams in BR is a bad way to make money ? Ye ofc, for a company that craves money like that its never gonna happen.
  4. Are you trolling me ? I literally just said that the devs are doing only mistakes and stupid stuff why would..like hello? Wake up maybe ? Lmao
  5. This is too much work for something considered as a "minor thing" (as i've been told by a staff member) As i said, 1. Look at every single report and perma ban everyone who grouped in BR 2. Have a dev/mod who investigates BR daily. By doing it this way there is no hard work needed, nobody has to think of another "solution". I'm sure there is a volunteer who would do that, just give him like 5k GC every week or w/ever and hundreds of people would sign up. They have probably thought that too but you know, why should they implement something that is actually useful xdxdxdxdxdxdxd
  6. 1. Look at every single report and perma ban everyone who grouped in BR 2. Have a dev/mod who investigates BR daily. The fun fact is that there's a fix for EVERYTHING in this game.
  7. Drekas

    10 fps

    I have a 2000€ computer and sometimes still have FPS issues, it's okay man it's just newz
  8. Why do you try to get attention lol ? He never said "everyone who has high rep is bad". Why did you become like this ?? ? this is so hilarious hahahaha
  9. Aylmao this is newz community, 90% of it is a douchebag.
  10. No man what are you talking about, devs made an excellent work now you can't even see kill streak / rep etc. That stuff is for plebs man please understand the hard work they put into this UNIQUE game. /////////////////
  11. Multiplied by 10, by 7,75, by 8 (all numbers I've been told) and still can't find my old sensitivity :)))
  12. Feeding kills ? Yeah man you can do that, apparently it isn't bannable in this faboulus game!!
  13. They just had no idea how to fix people grouping up everytime and since there were too many reports (which means too much work to do) they decided to remove every tag and make it like this now. Enjoy your NewZ Battle Royale!
  14. Man what's the problem you just gotta higher your senisitivity, how don't you understand that man ? It was broken before and i totally understand your question so ye, higher your sensitivity until you find the one you had before I hope it helped. Sent by: [SUPER MODERATOR] Dorkas
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