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  1. Failed to connect to Servers. Please try in a few Minutes. That comes alwys if i am log in.
  2. Okay. If you are right, and there are more people who needs the Survival. Why should all the Updates also stand for the PvP Servers. People who just want the old schoold PvP can not play like before on these Servers. That there is a ne survivalmode doesent matter, it dont be bad for the game and some players, but why is there an small backpack with 15 kilos and a health line with non % like before? makes no sense on an PvP Server. Also I was playing before with good Quality and I dont have laggs. Now I am playing on Potato and still got at highest 80 FPS on Rocky Ford. Before with better Quality it was like 150-200.
  3. I dont mean the HUD I mean the health show.
  4. Nothing happens if I'm pressing f9 or f10?
  5. You know the "PvP" Servers? they are called like this, because people are PvP there. So why should I play with an Survival HUD on an PVP Server?
  6. Also the HUD for showing how much health you got is bad for PvP now. Please bring the oldschool style back. or maybe just bring it back in pvp servers?
  7. Really I dont understand why the PvP servers are like the Survival servers. the HUD could be more good for PVP
  8. I want to win, because I played WarZ, deadZ, StargateZ aka Survivalmmo. And now i am finally arrived in the good NewZ. Good job Fredaikis, I hope the game wont change that much like ISS.
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