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  1. Cancer Clan now has their own Private Server.

    Cancer Central

  2. Been a good couple of years aha, Was around when MetalFist ran a gang. Canny remember any of the names
  3. Appreciate it! Is the staff team the same or all new faces? Responded
  4. Used to be 3rd biggest clan until the old timers got worn out. Been a long time since a few of us have played and would like to welcome anyone to join us. Message me if you would like to join our Discord and need an invite to the Clan. Rules 1) Must have Discord. 2) Must have a working Microphone / Headphones. 3) Must be able to speak English. 4) No Friendly Fire on Official / PvP or Private Servers. 5) If you are a snowflake then please do not join us 6) It's preferred to have all of your characters in the Clan but it is not Mandatory. Best ways to find us: In Game: Go to Community > Clans > Members > 12 from the Top = Cancer (CPUD) My Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/PureGenocide/ My Discord Name: Uncle Adam#3816 My in-game username: DorkyGuy My main Character of use: Cancer
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