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  1. Porting all the old bs (autodesk, etc) to x64, damn. Nice job
  2. Perfect! Exactly what i had in mind
  3. SVD Black Night has a skinned scope (its the chrome scope i believe, not a custom BN scope). OTS Black Night doesn't have any skinned scope, just the default PSO-1 scope. Is this a bug or intentional? In my opinion the OTS BN should get a skinned scope atleast.
  4. Yep as long as the files for the old one aren't deleted it should be pretty simple. Thank you for answering on posts about this compared to the others ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ +rep sir
  5. yea feels like we are talking to ourselves not the devs on this honestly lmao
  6. Instead of having 3 rockyford mixed servers on EU, remove one of them and replace it with the rockyford shown below, and call it RockyOld or something. It was way less camper-friendly and a lot cleaner with less objects, which led to better FPS. Credits to Geneticzz:
  7. My opinion is either remove it entirely or remove it but let it stay for pvp servers. It makes official servers really aids
  8. I literally reset rep at +50k because it was to cancer for me to keep that shit LOL
  9. * People are still right/left peeking -This is true but i think instead of continuing trying to fix this by changing crouch animations 24/7 to this point where they look very awkward, i'd rather have em revert it back to the original crouch animations or the original crouch animations but with the "centered-headed" idle crouch anim, as the current crouching is just really bad-looking and not smooth at all compared to OG. (imo)
  10. Please fix the issue with dead players' bodies making your shields red and unable to place. F*cks me over everytime LUL pls
  11. Ikr, i have a feeling that they probably won't do this but i am 99% sure it would bring so many ppl back that left bcus of them misliking the new version... Just like Rust, devs fcked it, i found old versions in steam database and made my own server and got hundreds of ppl that hated the newest version cus its shit
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