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  1. Mysta Dude I cant play HK server So High PinG... 400PINg or Above Ping In HK. Eu is Best For Me 177ms Ping All Time.
  2. Kazmightonfire dude i am not lie. teamviwer with me and see.okay? I AM NOT LIE.
  3. Kazmight i from pakistan eu is best for me eu ping is 177ms and NA ping is 210 and South Amercan Ping Is 330 and HK 420.
  4. Play in your region. You are not supposed to play in EU with that ping. Simple like that ! Kazmight dude i play only eu server other is so high lag u want prove and tell me i send you screenshots or teamviewr with me.
  5. Hi Dev. I cant Play PvP Server My Ping IN EU 177 Eu is Best For me no other regions in game. can u move ping limit 150 to 200ms? http://prntscr.com/g8nonr
  6. Awsome Patch. Always GooD Infestation The NewZ
  7. I Am Looking For A Clan. ENg speak and Age 18. PvP Server And Official.Eu Only. Pm mE please.
  8. Hy Glad Sir. I want To Join Your Clan. Time Played Is Good. And My Last Clan Is The Lost King. Eng Is Good.Can I Join?
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