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  1. I was playing for over 2 hours. then, all of a sudden the game minimumizses for no reason. is there a way to stop this from happening? (NOTE- I play in fullscreen mode)
  2. why can't they? if this bug happens "all the time" then why isn't it fixed?
  3. I was driving in my car until it ran out of gas and stopped. After this, my game minimizes for no reason. I go to click back on the game and it greets me with a black screen for a few minutes and then kicks me out of the server. When I log back in (I was still in the vehicle) it instantly kills me and I lose all my stuff and it says I was "eaten by a zombie". How do I die by just logging out and back in while in car?! This needs to be fixed and I'm really mad that I lost all my stuff and now I can't get it back. is it possible to get my stuff back?!
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