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  1. Nice update, but pls fix the loding - L U C K Add me: - STONED LUCK
  2. There would not be that possibility because the items will be dragged or with a box of options in my idea
  3. Need double XP Add me: - STONED LUCK
  4. I think you developers do not know very well how much time we as players lose by sorting our inventory, by aesthetics or that we can search for items faster to go to PVP (Not counting the Presets / loadouts), next to that I made a list of things To add to global inventory / menu: The function of collecting ammunition in the global inventory Loading / unloading weapon Trash / delete function Function of supplying and / or arranging the car Skins removal function of all equipment Improve loading Give gifts to your friends (Skins <3) If you players can give suggestions of what could have in the inventory or menu would be of great help and curiosity mine. Thank you for reading. - L U C K Add me: - STONED LUCK
  5. Lately I've been thinking about what could make the Battle Royale more interesting and / or with more players, among my friends we ask ourselves: - Why are there zombies in the Battle Royale? This doubt has brought me here, because many times it ends up being annoying the game by the amount of zombies in the area where we were born my suggestion is that you could diminish the flow of zombies in the partitions of Battle Royale or completely remove them. thanks for listening. - L u c k
  6. Please elaborate an effective system for exchange and sale of items
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