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  1. Well that didn't go well. Tech Support just insulted me via a support ticket. Ce la vie.
  2. But my boxes are still there... in the same places. I can see them - touch them - but I get an access denied message when trying to open them. I had 5 boxes on the map
  3. Any one missing their Safes / White Storage Boxes ? I haven't played in about a year... I forget what the boxes are called. I accessed the game today... and all my boxes are gone. Do they despawn after a period of not being used ?
  4. in a different post... sven said they were keeping the Tropico, and Arizona maps and creating a new 3rd but smaller map.
  5. Apparently... not so understandable -- because when I enter Survival Mode... then select My Servers ---- I can rent a Colorado server... and even make it PVE. I didn't know they had - a rentable Survival Server... let alone a rentable Colorado PVE Survival server. So I must be playing with a braille keyboard for something.
  6. I noticed today... several people are renting Survival Servers. How do you rent a Survival Server ? When I check My Servers... I notice 2 things: 1) There is no obvious way to rent a Survival Server, and 2) The Open World Server I created rented a while back... is no longer there. ... which I guess also means - I Lockers I placed on the Server - are also gone. If this is the case... this is a bit frustrating - because as you know - Lockers cost real money. If a Server is deleted... I should get a credit for the Lockers.... - that way I can place the Lockers on another - when I decide to rent another server... which I is what I was trying to do today.
  7. I haven't seen cars in Tropico - but I've seen them in the Arizona map.
  8. why does my profile still says I am a Newbie. At minimum I think I am a Newbie++ Perhaps even a God of the Universe Newbie++
  9. Steps to Reproduce 1: Start Game 2: At the bottom of the Main Screen - there is a Country Selection. Europe, North America, South America, Hong Kong. Select North America. 3: At the Profile / Character window... select Play. 4: At the Map selection window... select either Map and click on Join Server... 5: As the Map loads... you will (upper left hand corner) (Name Name) - [Country Code] Battle Royale example: (Tropico) - [US] Battle Royal... NOTE - it displays "US" for "North America"... 5: Exiting the Map returns you to the Profile / Character window. 6: Sit and wait for a bit. Let the system time out. The smallest time I've done is about 1.5 hours. ============================== SIDE NOTE - SIDE NOTE - SIDE NOTE ============================== (Also note... (when exiting) recently the game sit and display "Disconnecting Soon"... and it never disconnects. You can watch your be killed over and over... and over and over.... for (x=1 to x++) {print "disconnecting soon...";x++} When killed in the lobby. The player reloads and appears in the Lobby. The game will actually load the game map (beyond the lobby) when enough players have joined... and the disconnecting soon message still displays. When killed in the game map... The player "Player Dead" message is displayed - the timer counts down to Zero - but the game never exits. The disconnecting soon message still displays. The only way out is CTRL-ALT-DELETE. 7. Assuming the game didn't lock up - as described above in the - SIDE NOTE... and the game returns to the Profile / Character window... You can select either - Switch Game Mode - then re-select Battle Royal (which will still display US) - or... simply select Play again... and with selection... the EU server will be load - not the US server. The only way to load the US server is to Switch Game Mode... select Battle Royale... then select North America... then play the game. Basically the session times out and the game defaults to Europe - EU. It's not a big deal - except I notice the Ping Rate (for me in the US) is not as good when I connect to an EU server.
  10. I like the Arizona map but agree it's huge. Is there a way to keep Arizona AND create a new smaller map and call it say... South West New Mexico ? Also... you provided a measurement of 6000x6000 for Arizona and possibly 2000x2000 for the new smaller map. In comparison - what are the dimensions of Tropico ?
  11. Zombie


    ah... thanks. I didn't see that option (at the bottom of the page).
  12. Is the Tropico map only in Europe ? Everytime I load the map... it says EU - but I am in the US.
  13. I've seen a bug on a couple occasions... it may be fixed now - not sure... but on both map Tropico and Arizona in Tropico... I was in the water and I couldn't get out. I could jump... but I couldn't jump out or walk out of the water. I swam all over the place to get out. Eventually the radiation belt got me. In Arizona.... I was in the ground. Legs in in the ground and my torso was above ground. I could run around - jump - shoot - everything like a normal... I was just... half underground. Even when I ran up a hill or a mountain... same thing. Only my torso was above ground. Eventually just quit / restarted the game... issue didn't happen again - for a while - but I have seen to it a few times.
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