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  1. I'm selling colorado V2 Slot for Skin or gd
  2. Everything sold
  3. Where it is on wich map?
  4. Yo i'm back on the game but i need to know the best place to farm please
  5. Sell to gd All gun are full FN Scar night-Stalkers: 2.5K Each Steyr aug: 2.5K Each Fn Scar red Stalker: 3K Each LS85: 4K Each M4A1: 2.5K Each Honey Badger 2.5 K each AK47: 2.5 K each Famas: 2.5 K each https://imgur.com/a/gyqWt PM ME
  6. Moi chui francais envoi un message prive ou ajoute moi ici https://steamcommunity.com/id/xJulien144FPS/
  7. Hope you enjoy the video!
  8. Buy custom chrome skin
  9. INFORMATIONS My name is Julien From France Region [EU] 16 Years old Able to pvp in (europe hour) at the monday to thursday at 19h00-23H00 depend of me and i can play whehever i want the Friday to the sunday ! I'm good players in therm of pvp i i would rate my pvp out of 10 i would say 7.5-10 I have Good English i'm playing with english peoples atleast the begining of WarZ Informations (GI CHARACTER): https://imgur.com/a/6BsHw I use teamspeak and discord WHERE I PVP PVP Maps only For any other information pm me
  10. Hello everyone i just want to know if there is any way to get better fps In colorado i get around 200-250 fps and in battleroyale 50-100 but its annoying because i have a 144 hz monitor https://imgur.com/a/bqEDf
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