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  1. Got 2 Servers for Looting. ---------- [EU] Colorado - Lengths: 3 Days left 1/10 Slots left ---------- [EU] Colorado V1 - Length: 8 Days left 1/10 Slots left Rules: PvE Only Be Kind Dont steal Loot Dont give away Code Add me for further informations!
  2. Hello Guys, i have a Server to spare with you. Got some Slots left for you.Rules:- PvE!- Create a Group while your ingame- Join Ingame Loot Clan- Join Server Steam Group- Dont giveaway the password!- Be kindly to each otherJust pm me for further informations!
  3. enermaaxx' SHOP! - Weapons, Ammo, Food, Meds, Skins - Welcome to my new founded shop. In this Shop you can find (almost) everything you need. From snipers over backpacks to skins, ive got it all man. I try to restock it everyday. You are interessted in buy some of my stuff? Then write me a private message on my profile with the blue MESSAGE button with [BUY] as Subject and all items with prices you want to buy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STORE * AR Rifles only on special order per DM! * * Every Order gets a free CLASSIC WARZ Item for free! * * * Skins only per DM!
  4. Server is full, thanks for all interessted players! Stay tuned for me!
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