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  1. what is with the Prices from Supercup ?
  2. yeah thats nice, when you create a new weapon like MP5SD and G11 and you make the weapons rare ( so you dont find then ) what is the sence ? All guys are happy " Yeahh happy new weapon just loot " but you cant Play G11 or MP5SD because the weapon is rare No Sence
  3. Is the G11 realy lootable ? i loot the half day and dont find them
  4. Hello Boys i have - 147k rep - 2,0 KDR - full GI - 19 years old - German Guy i search a new clan (ZT3X,High,DDO5,187k) Pm me! then we can talk about joining clan or something : )
  5. Jo whats up guys - 147k Rep - 19 old - 2.0 KDR - full Global can you invite me to 187 ?
  6. I sell 4 times heavy armor Alien for 19 mio Trade Lounge : Eu1 Trade name: Philipp Nicht da
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