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  1. Now I have no evidence to back this up with, but I can with pretty good confidence state that AT LEAST 75% of the players that play on the AR warm-up server are players trying to 1v1 and get better. I dont have any evidence to support this statement, but i'm confident that its true, if not, with a higher percentage. And just to clarify, I'm addressing the AR server(NA/EU 3). Currently, the AR warm-up server is District. District DISCOURAGES AND HINDERS player development indirectly by: Spawns are not consistent. If I die on the top half of the map, there's a solid chance ill spawn near the bottom. On Clear V2, if I die inside Smallville, Ill spawn somewhere inside Smallville. If I'm 1v1'ing someone, the walk back is very short. Not on District. Currently, Most of the time spent is just running across the maze that is District, trying to find the 1v1 spot. I could be totally wrong. It's absolutely possible that when I'm sleeping or playing other servers, players populate the server and play it like a regular warm-up server, however I still stand behind my opening statement. SOLUTIONS: The NewZ staff have done a REALLY good job with making practice/clan war maps. These maps have been really good, since they DIRECTLY accomplish their tasks. They let the player join the server and do what he/she needs to do with ease and convenience. Theyre small, and they have those access vault dudes in really convenient places. Well designed to say the least. Design/Create an AR Warm-up map that isnt like a normal map. It may have sections. One section for 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, ETC. Designate spawn locations. If I die whilst inside a section, spawn me back inside of it. No down/wasted time running around. This map would directly facilitate player growth, and would generally would be awesome for players trying to get better with AR's. Should this change be added, I can 100% see the AR warm-up server becoming much more popped, since the players can do what they love. PLAY THE GAME. At the very least, a change to clear V2 with consistent spawns would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Let me know if this sounds like a good idea or if i'm an idiot
  2. The dev team sounds kind of small. Why dont they hire some people? I feel like it would make pushing out content easier.
  3. My inventory is really laggy and I'm hitting a lot of lag spikes in game. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks
  4. Why the fuck are u coMplaining about skins so much they're just fucking skins. I don't see how they're THAT much of a pain In the ass for you. Also, like just about every staff member has said by now, the game is free to play, and it wouldn't be fair to players who already have skinZ
  5. The best health bar would be a BIG ASS BAR thatS easy to see and has like percentage near it.
  6. Nah id rather have the frames. Who cares more about the setting than the real PVP action?
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