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  1. Veterans Says Bring Tripico Back! We always wait 10-15 min on BR warm-up on normal maps on tropico it was only 5min so much people love to play this map smaller=more fps and more PVPon campos or arizona maps are to huge meybe for 40+ players its ok but for 25 players its not that good.
  2. Ok i start playing 640x480 and it s add me extra 7fps (now 37 fps) but people looks like moving mesh.
  3. Hi New luncher is too heavy for my half-laptop and it s make a lot of lags. Please delete this flying something in back of the luncher or make option to OFF this. And if you can add lowest texture setting like no textures on buildings just only solid colors it will be add me some extra fps. I play on half laptop and my settings is 800x600 lowest settings and i have good 30fps (droping to 11 fps after new luncher but idk why) Sorry for my english im poor good player from Onion land (Poland) Photo of my gaming stuff.
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