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  1. The game keeps crashing and i have no idea why. Worked fine before the major update
  2. I second the zombie spawning. I have been one to grind by slaughtering countless of the undead just to max skill trees of my characters Now to go farm G11's and Tommy Guns (if they are spawning in now)
  3. I hope this helps more than simply posting images
  4. once i login ill screenshot the path i traversed and i will circle in MS paint the locations that seemed WAYYY off to me, thanks for the speedy feedback! Dev's are great in this games progress!! Stubz
  5. So i returned from a month or so hiatus from the game and noticed a lot of strange things in open world ( was interested in collecting some g11's and Tommy Guns) 1. there are floating rock formations everywhere. Not sure if bug or not, thought i should mention 2. a huge lack of zombies in locations where zombies (and supers) used to be , IE: last stop- which was a favorite looting spot. And of course, a random formation of rocks in the middle of Last stop. I tried to look up update info or hotfix info etc, and can't seem to find anything on this EXCEPT for posts concerning new weapons and item name changes. Could someone link me to another post, or explain what's going on?
  6. I noticed this years ago before the new devs (fred) and i always wanted to show that the og devs eitehr used stock music or ripped off...? or coincidence maybe?
  7. boy oh boy do i feel lijke a complete dumbass lol
  8. For some reason when i click on the PVP or WARMUP tab, the different servers are not loading up on the list. I can however access these specific servers only if i had played them recently through the " recent" tab. I use warmup as practice i even restarted my computer, no avail
  9. ive been using a character named Negan X Lucille. Negan is my sh** on the walking dead. So ive been thinking, how are skin designs/ textures made? I really want a Negan jacket and a lucille style bat, not one with nails lol, I know there are some copy right issues but you could Name the bat Lucy lol
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