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  1. Team Name : TPOB Nationality: Italy,Slovenia,Indonesia,Philippines Players: Joan,Artwork,Ex Military G,Spartacus,Dark Shadow Substitutional Players (max 2, optional):Tiki,Taka Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): Joan#5948
  2. The Power of Bullets is now recruiting Me and friends decided to create a new clan,and we start to recruit players right now. Requirements for the clan: - Be minimun 16 years old - Have a good microphone - Be skilled and experienced on the game - Dont be toxic with other players - You must have Discord(we use only that) - You must know english - Have a good gi (be able to join every round with items) We can offer: - Discord - People for pvp PS: Poke me if you wanna join,i'm gonna send you the discord so we can talk about joining in the clan. Regards.
  3. im getting problem with buy gc.when i try to buy gc it says this : https://gyazo.com/263d5cca7e003f2b84f72cd666aa1d3e sorry for the language,if u guys can help me,im gonna appreciate that
  4. i can translate for italian language.if u need me just pm in discord: Joan#5948
  5. i like troll this clan in pvp,btw they are funny and not bad players,good luck guys!!! -your dear DOPE
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