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  1. Ah what I go, is that they could have fewer channels and therefore more people
  2. funny https://ibb.co/hEHuZk
  3. The same I say, should improve the ways they already have, instead of adding new, with this only divide the community and as a consequence will go players because there are not enough players
  4. GohTrunks

    Survival Bug

    Hi, remember that if you increase the food and water loot, the survival mode would become very easy, remember that the food is located near restaurants, etc.
  5. No response in more than 24 hours, much talk from the staff.
  6. Ultra graphics Before (1 years) https://ibb.co/gF0PPk Now https://ibb.co/iCLG4k The 2 images are from youtube, I did not manage to get the shadows of the first image, tried eh on all the maps Eh tried with 2 different PCs
  7. GohTrunks

    setting up

    Who would bother the caliwood map in survival, Add gestures to the characters, Hide names and disable skin in pvp rooms to avoid team? To anyone, instead of hiding names and disable skin in pvp rooms, could add a room with these characteristics, instead of having so many empty rooms ....
  8. GohTrunks

    setting up

    I never said "all" the suggestions, I said A little more serious please
  9. GohTrunks

    setting up

    I am not a developer, But I think any suggestion is a step to the best, like closing shields, hide names and disable skin in pvp rooms to avoid team, add map caliwood in survivor, Add gestures to the characters, that is, example that with F7 the character with The hand or make another gesture, etc. No one would complain about those little things that in turn would improve the game. Those things can create bugs, but it happens in any game, If you do not try, you will not win.
  10. I hope it decreases the number of servers and accepts this map
  11. GohTrunks

    setting up

    I like the idea, hopefully in the next update add most of the suggestions, greatly improve the game
  12. Maybe that player just started playing, you need to kill a bambi player or civilian respawn ?, it is not funny See in the steam game reviews and this is one of the reasons why they left the game I do not speak for myself, I speak for new players
  13. I like it or...you should receive a rep penalty of say -100 for a good guy and +100 for a bad guy if you kill a civilian. GREAT IDEA!
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