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  1. We are currently recruiting active members. Old & New Players 18+ (Exceptions will made made for mature younglings) Discord: https://discord.gg/fbuxrJd Feel free to join at anytime! We mainly PVP Boulder City
  2. Thank you for the fast response. +1
  3. Like the title says need to get a PC on the Sig556 DreadNaught (SP?) Also Need a PC on some other items List: AR: Tar, Sig556, M4A1, L85, (Stan Ar Guns Pretty Much) Snipers: VSS, OTS, AMR/M107 Clips: 50BMG 5/10, VSS 10/20, 308 If there is a easier way to check this like a Master list, or anything like that feel free to shoot it my way (inb4 "Use the Search Option") -Might get yelled at, but I will take all trades for SVDs
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