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  1. Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. This is technically true. However, to make the game feel more like it previously was, we still keep the chance of finding these items in unexpected places. Otherwise there would be 100000 people in Norad and 0 in a place like Smallville. Every area, town/city has their uniqueness to the loot but it doesn't have to be that obvious as it kind of kills the mystery when looting. About the three first topics: The game NEEDS to be difficult. Unfortunately creating a beginner area would just make matters worse. Do you think Veterans in general would leave them alone with the "easier" loot like you said? This game NEEDS to be hard and snipers need to be rare. - Watch out for the next patch on that topic - XP Boost Zones... They kind of exist, but they are the so-called Territories controlled by clans. - I mean, removing cars and making the walk to the Safezone a literal walk to the park sounds like redundant. - This could be looked into in having BOTH options. - This would make looting an extremely easy, quick and boring experience. - Crafting is extremely useful and it's very much used. - There is one Oregon server only and people seem to enjoy it. Servers can be added when needed at a drop of a hat. - Scary sounds are just not enough. It brings ambience to the game and the feeling it brings helps immerse yourself into it. - Why? This is such a basic game feature in any game you play.
  2. After the Superman Punch, we got the Superman Shot!
  3. Thank you for your suggestion. We will see if we fill up SOME of these. However, this "traveling" has become part of the game and wwhen we added new areas, they weren't well accepted since people kind of missed that empty area...
  4. ElChupacabra


    Thank you for the feedback guys! It's much appreciated. We obviously cannot do everything mentioned here for multiple reasons but I will try to address as many as possible tomorrow after talking to the team.
  5. GENERAL CHANGES Zombie deaths do no longer count towards KDR (Kill/Death Ratio) Lowered Ladder climbing speed - Right now, it was too easy for others to catch and too easy to fall of due to its high speed Ladders now produce a sound when climbed Fixed a bug that caused "Ghost Zombies". That was happening when a vehicle ran them over and killed them when there was nobody driving it. Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to pickup weapons or gear when the backpack was full, but still had slots open on the "Gear Slots" (which don't count towards the weight) Added item weight to their descriptions Cars no longer get stuck on dead Zombie Dogs or Slicers Added an individual slider for vehicle sounds Fixed a UI crash Fixed a crash that happened when trying to run over zombies ITEMS & SKINS FIXES Lowered the brightness on Erckul's Wand Reworked the icon for the Woodshield Barricade. It was too bright Improved the lighting quality on Light Saber skins. It was glowing too much on this map SURVIVAL GENERAL Increased the time till items despawn from 10 to 15 minutes CRAFTING Added a new crafting item: Gauze (2x Cloths) Gauze will only stop your bleeding but won't heal you at all Changed the Hunter Backpack Crafting Recipe Military Backpack 2 -> 0 Leather Backpack 0 -> 2 Cloth 250 -> 100 CONTRACTS & MISSIONS Fixed the description on the Helping Hand CO-1 Contract Zombie Slayer III Contract Updated the reward to a Military Backpack instead of the Large one Alien Specialist Contract Removed the L85 from the rewards MAPS OREGON Decreased the amount of loot at the airport and around the bridges. Re-generated the minimap as it was a bit off COLORADO Fixed a misplaced object in Clearview next to the white house. Improved some terrain behind the Castle Pine Settlement safe zone. Opened the fences south-west of Boulder City. Removed the Super Zombie spawn located south in Boulder City to make it more beginner-friendly. Removed the Super Zombie from the big market in Campos City to make it more beginner-friendly. Increased the safe zone radius in Goblin Peak. Improved the ladders around the bridge in Campos City. Improved the player spawns around Campos City. Increased the amount of loot at farms. Increased the amount of food inside markets. Added zombies to the west-side of the bridge in Boulder City. Fixed the problem in Glenwood Springs which prevented zombies from spawning. Improved the road texture on Delta Peek. Improved the road texture in Campos City. Improved the quality of shadows overall. Opened the fence back in Campos City a bit more because Zombies were getting stuck. Opened the fence behind the White House in Campos City. Fixed the rocks around the gas station in Clearview. Estimated patch size: 50MB Estimated downtime: 1 hour Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix/add something. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these updates with your friends and followers! For any feedback about the game please let us know at http://playnewz.com/feedback If you'd like to share suggestions and ideas you have for the game please let us know at https://suggest.playnewz.com/ To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/InfestationTheNewZOfficial Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/infestationthenewz Website: http://playnewz.com/ Forums: https://forums.fredaikis.com/ Best Regards, // Fredaikis
  6. This is being adjusted already for the upcoming hotfix (today).
  7. There is so much more fixing and changing on the patch than cosmetic adjustments. You can't simply count the number of letters/lines on it to come to such a conclusion. Each fix and change has its own "line" on the notes and therefore, each small change (like you mentioned, the cosmetics) has its own line. If you look under the Survival, which is where the biggest rework is, you will see how much has changed on it. Plus how bigger those changes are and how much more impactful they are.
  8. You can use either, if you already own ISS 2020 on Steam. The accounts will be the same, so you will be able to use your New Z account with everything you have. You don't necessarily need to create a new account.
  9. Also for those players who enjoy what you mentioned, there's still Arcade for them.
  10. There is no money involved in the wipe. Only ingame items. Of course the games you mentioned don't wipe, but many others do. Look it up a bit. This is for the better of the game mode. A lot is being changed and keeping the GIs as they were will not benefit anyone besides yourself. So if you'd rather play with 10 friends in a servers with 15 people rather than a server full of people, I understand your concerns.
  11. Caso de macro de tiro está sendo resolvido. Infelizmente são os fabricantes de mouse os responsáveis... Sobre hacker, todos são banidos, sem excessão. Não é só porque você ou alguém reporta alguém que ele será banido... Todo caso é avaliado igualmente o tempo todo. Nosso desenvolvimento no jogo melhorou muito essas coisas e crashes, de acordo com nossas estatísticas são raríssimas (todo crash gera um log que até contabilizamos). Infelizmente não temos como arrumar problemas de software dentro do computador de jogadores e sua instalação de Windows, hardware, etc...
  12. This is exactly what's being wiped... Items and character stats. That's all. And only on Survival. Arcade will remain the same, cosmetic items that you purchased with GC will remain on your account to be used on all game modes.
  13. Can you elaborate on this? Arcade (Open World) are at what some people want. Survival is aimed to more strategic playstyle... And with the current state, it's not giving out that feeling and that's what we're working on. You haven't seen the patch live yet, so please make sure you do so before saying the patch is not good.
  14. It won't be just skins necessarily. Please wait for the official announcement on it.

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