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  1. Thank you for actually taking this time to look into this, but I think I speak for all small clans not just myself. My buddy and I are just a clan of 2, but we can hold our own against 4's usually. But as krys101 stated, being able to choose your location would mean sandwiching and I believe still promotes camping. Personally I'd like the feature removed and have it solemnly on whos got the faster PC, but if it must exist, a 45-1 minute death timer, no GC/GD insta-revives, and spawn location will be relatively far from where you actually died at giving your clan a fighting chance to escape with something after that hard work, but not impossible for the enemy team to get right back on top of you. But I also believe a lot of it has to do with spawn points, they've never really been good/fair in some locations. Nato for example, I'm really good at predicting their spawn if I've killed them in a general location, therefor I would be able to spawn camp them.
  2. I think this would be the better option, can agree with this feedback. We faced a clan of 4 I destroyed all 4 of them only to be shitted on by the second within seconds after killing the 4th. It's impossible to come out on top with bigger clans and because of this the feature would need to be removed. If you have a fast PC, it already gives you a nice advantage in load times.
  3. I'm quite the Vet, been with the game since a few years before Steams release, so take that for what its worth. This feature is seriously going to be hurting your player base, my friend and I are even thinking about dropping this game once again (First being the massive GI Sniper wipe a few years ago) for a while until improvements or its removal is in order. What's the point in PvPing and hoping to collect their shit when these clans of 4-5-6 can instantly load back in making it impossible to get out alive. I Suggest the following: Adding at least a minute wait timer in-game, no GD revival allowed.
  4. I remember I left this game after their decision to wipe snipers from peoples GI's a few years ago after the minority kept bitching about the over abundance of them people had. All that work and potential in game money I had, gone. And Im sure the DX/GD currency change made others leave as well, getting only what was it....600GD back in GD (For each DX over 10k) to those of us that had over 10k DX? Kind of a slap to the face. Obviously Im back now after it has sort of came back with snipers being a bit more common and Steam creating a player base again, but the glory PvP days were before the wipes. The on going issue that still plagues this game are the 5-10+ clan groups that come in and ruin PvP for us 1-3 groups.
  5. I never notice much of a difference between either. Typically Im always killing people by semi firing a Sig really fast on someone, so recoil is hardly an issue to me.
  6. Things are g g g g goin! Grab something valuable while you can.
  7. I've been around for more than a year, about nearly 3 now. Talking shit though? No, Fact; This game would of continued to be dead if they had not put this on Steam which Im thankful for. Just don't like companies that decide to quietly raise the price on something without awareness. How I know this is because I was going to purchase life time premium, because I enjoyed the game enough to keep coming back. Was going to wait for payday and literally the next day it went from 50 to 100 dollars and there wasn't a thread on the cost increase. I get it that servers are expensive to run, but I still expected a confirmation on the matter.
  8. The price isn't worth it on a game/emulator that is notorious for dying after a few months to a few years until the next best emulator comes out. So far NewZ has stuck around for a while, so have to give them credit.
  9. Use to be 50 dollars got you life time until they jacked up the price.
  10. Sorry guys been busy, someone already grabbed them unfortunately. Apologies. Also bump.
  11. Yeah, as said an in game messaging system would be nice. That's why I have a "Status" indicator in this thread that tells people Im currently open to trade and will respond relatively quickly.
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