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  1. You may say thats survival but even in the survival gamemode , main enemies are other players. In this gamemode which I suggested main enemies are zombies and you are always searching for food. (Also trying not to lose the supplies to other players.)
  2. There should be a gamemode which is way harder than survival. Weapons should be really rare and people should search for medical supplies and food. Also they should run from zombies (at this point i mean that zombies should be a lot harder to kill because you cant find weapons because its really hard and you cant find ammo either.). Zombie amount is increased.
  3. Ok , thanks for your answer and thanks for your kind offer @HEARTBREAKER
  4. I play alone and i wait like 5 mins to play and i insantly die because i spawn with 3 guys in the same group.Isnt that bullshit? Please fix this. Solo players dont have any chance if they spawn with groups.
  5. I stopped playing for a while because of my school. Now i have time to play and i dont have a clan anymore , so im looking for a new clan. I have a fully loaded GI and I can use discord or anything else. I can speak english fluently and i have a working mic. My character is warmonger with -30k rep. If you want to recruit me please contact me on this forum. Thanks Oyunu bir süre için bırakmıştım ancak okul kapandığı için şuan bolca vaktim var ancak önceki klanımda artık aktif olmadığım için atılmışım. Bu yüzden kendime bir Türk klanı arıyorum. Depom gayet dolu ve herhangi bir iletişim programını kullanabilirim ve çalışan düzgün bir mikrofonum var. Karakterim Warmonger -30k rep. Eğer bu kriterler size uyduysa ve klana almak isterseniz lütfen bana ulaşın.
  6. This was a known issue already. If zombies walk into the placed car , if you are looking at the car. You cant see the zombies anymore unless you go nearby the car and kill the corpses (they actually arent invisible. Its a bug that zombie models stuck under the car.) Or you can ask your friend to kill them (If he wasnt looking at the car , the zombies seem as the regular zombies.) Problem : Invisible zombies Solvation : If you were looking at the zombies , you cant see them anymore as walking. But you can still see them under the car. Just shoot them in the head. Hope this will help
  7. Man to be honest , Im Turkish and I have 46 ping on Europe. Turkish people arent lagging.
  8. What does that talk mean in the beginning lol. Btw nice montage
  9. 8 team limit was over with the BestSmoke's team. What the hell? Close the registrations.
  10. GENERAL INFO: TEAM (or team name): Royal Bandits (RYLB) COUNTRY: Turkey TEAM CONTACT INFO: https://www.facebook.com/ulasgiray.kirimoglu PLAYERS: Player 1: 7SP3C Player 2: JokerTR Player 3: HQ Ruhsuz Player 4: MADE IN TURKEY Player 5: KROMAGNUM RESERVES: Sylne HQ ENGINAQ HQ BOOSHERO (I may add some more)
  11. It been 3 months since the last DX sale and 3 months ago character prices has been changed for GC. When I asked for it , staff said it was only an event. In my opinion there should be events at least for 3 months right? I'm still waiting forward for the next DX discount and Character prices event. Regards
  12. When you click on "military invisible" on learned skins. Game stucks. Please fix it.
  13. 7SP3C

    Racist nickname

    I didnt say that for you man chill
  14. I prefer looting GD in Airport V2. Item looting is boring and tiring. Also imo Nato and Airport V1 are equal. VARO is amazing at double GD and XP. I would commend V2.
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