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  1. Hi, I believe a fix for this has been rolled out already, if not, please make a support ticket. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Best, Elias
  2. What a great initiative! Thank you!
  3. Hi @CampersRUs This is what we agreed upon fixing: Bus stop is being taken care of, it should not be like that and you are perfectly right. Loot drop of Toxic zombie will increase to 5 items The regular zombies will be changed to die from ~2 headshots. As an initial step, we will remove the blur that you get while wearing a gas mask in a radiation area. This will improve vision at night greatly and based on further feedback we may change it more. All this should come for the next patch in which we also will bring some other great news that I think PvE players will enjoy a lot. Elias
  4. Thank you for the feedback. I will bring it up with the rest. I agree on all of your points and will get back here after we discussed it. There's a good chance we can get many of these points done for the next patch.
  5. Hey, Thanks for asking. It was left for a while but is now being worked on to be released soon. We are now in the phase of testing it thoroughly to make sure it won't cause any crashes. My hope is that it will be out with next patch but this is not certain.
  6. We have fixed the issue with zombie clipping, it will be fixed for the next patch.
  7. I think your analysis is more accurate. I can make a poll to see if the community wants the timer to increase. @CampersRUs why is the issue with trees on roads such a big issue for you? I've identified it as one of your major issues over the months, I haven't seen it elsewhere. Perhaps take some time to post screenshots of these trees that you are talking about? It's hard to understand what you mean. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. We've actually implemented exactly what you asked for in next week's patch. Have a great day! Elias
  9. Alright, I'm happy for any feedback that you may have! Enjoy!
  10. I suggest you to also ask on our discord: discord.gg/TheNewZ, there's also a looking for group section there. With that said, I'd like to wish you a very warm welcome back. Hope you enjoy the game! Elias
  11. The major vehicle crashes have finally been found and fixed, cars are coming back in the game to the same extent which they were occuring in the past for next patch. I have told you many times how much we've been trying to fix the car issue, and the 64-bit upgrade made us able to finally find some of the key bugs that made them unstable. We will also roll out an update aimed to improve the handling. Hope you're excited.
  12. Dear players, We are proud to announce the upcoming release of Infestation: Battle Royale on Steam! Infestation: BR is a zombie-infested Battle Royale set in the classic Infestation/WarZ environment. While much is recognizable, this release features massive updates, such as a 64-bit engine, new maps, new content, ranking system, friends system and season passes! Play alone or in groups of 3 in 100-player matches set in various maps including the classic Colorado. Earn rewards and make your way up the ranking system in this fast-paced Battle Royale. All this in a fair environment thanks to the custom made Fredaikis Anti-Cheat (FAC). Releasing on Steam March 4th, make sure to add it to your wishlist now already! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1240290/Infestation_Battle_Royale/ WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE CURRENT BATTLE ROYALE MODE? What started out as a beta has now grown so big that we decided it's time to make Battle Royale its own game. BR will be lifted out of New Z before the release and added to the launcher and Steam as a separate game. By doing so we hope to raise the attention of new players, and also players who are into Battle Royale games but not necessarily survival. For the patch set for early March/late February we are bringing a lot of new content both to The New Z and Battle Royale such as Colorado V1 BR, massive vehicle improvements, performance optimizations, 64-bit gameplay, new loot with new spawn mechanisms etc. CAN I STILL USE MY NEW Z ACCOUNT? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY PURCHASED CONTENT? Don't worry, you will still use the same account in order to log in. You will not lose anything from the splitting, all skins, sprays and other content which you've purchased in New Z will still be available in the new Battle Royale game. OK, SO THE ACCOUNTS WILL STILL BE LINKED? Correct, things like experience, season passes, account subscriptions will still be synced over both games, just like before. If you make a purchase in Infestation: Battle Royale it will be availible in The New Z and vice versa. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE CURRENT LEADERBOARDS? As this in a way means that Battle Royale is stepping out of Beta, hopefully with a great influx of new players - we feel that it makes sense to also reset the current leaderboards. This will be done on the Steam launch date - 4th of March - and high ranked players will be contacted and granted a special reward. I DON'T PLAY BATTLE ROYALE, HOW IS THIS BENEFICIAL FOR ME? Our hope is that this will as well raise the public's attention to New Z and that it will help bring an influx of players to both games! WHAT ABOUT NEW Z, WILL IT BE LEFT BEHIND? NO! Together with the BR separation we are patching The New Z into patch 3.0! With the 64-bit additions and focus on performance improvements and bugs lately we think it's time for New Z to step into the next stage and we aim to bring you updates just like we have been for the past 4 years! More info about patch 3.0 will come at a later stage! We hope this double-release (BR and Patch 3.0) brings you good news and that you are as excited as we are about this! Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comment field below! Best Wishes from the Fredaikis team
  13. Should be the same, depending on how long you've been gone
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