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  1. Hi! Thanks for the post. All feedback is greatly appreciated, you can contact me on discord, 3lias#9096 or just send me an email at [email protected] Looking forward to it! Best, Elias
  2. Hi, not sure what you mean, can you please elaborate? Best, Elias
  3. Hi, Are you using the 32 or 64-bit version of the game? I recommend you to create a support ticket. The issue could also be related to some other software, either way we would like to investigate it.
  4. @CampersRUs Time to test drive!
  5. 3lias

    Season Pass

    @wangkane Please contact our support through our ticket system where you elaborate your issue and they will help!
  6. 1) Well, hard to disagree on this point. I think everyone deserves more fun. 2) Yes, I agree. We are already doing this to a certain point but if it is possible to do so it'd be nice to have new missions and challenges released more continuously.
  7. A new Hong Kong server is on the way.
  8. 3lias

    Loot - Open World

    Yes, I understand the idea, but it should also be some value in finding a heavy armor compared to a light. Either we should address rarity of items or that they have different properties.
  9. I'm with you on this one. We just want to hear people out on opinions. But looking at history wipe has never granted something good. It even almost killed the game before we got on Steam.
  10. Hi, We changed it for now to groups of two in BR. If the interest arises for the game mode we'll be able to alter it to 3 again.
  11. Well unlike you, Campers wasn't implicating that we let certain people not be detected by claymores. That's just ridiculous and I didn't feel that it deserved to be answered in any other way.
  12. What you need to understand is that the fix for claymores would need us to revert a lot of other changes that are almost finished for the next patch. If it was just the case of patching one fix instantly it would of course have been done long time ago.
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