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  1. hahahahahaha you want join clan GG
  2. Today 8:30 p.m. GTC+1 . I have got red mark and sound feedback but he hasn't dead. So explain me how it's possible.
  3. I agree. What is the point of adding premium servers, if they should have the same loot table as the official servers, the only difference would be that players without premium can't join.
  4. Yesterday i played 3 matches and if i'm not wrong anaconda and veresk were still possible. My first feeling is that I found too many pistols compared to other weapons. Maybe I was just unlucky, I will see how it will be today and next days
  5. sid21


    I know he was banned and that was false positive, that was reason why i join stream and reason why somone told playoff to show his mouse at cam.
  6. Survival already is p2w. adding private servers despite what the devs announced at the beginning, killed survival mode
  7. sid21


    I was watching bixa_plaoff stream and recorded his shots and view of his mouse. He was holding mouse left key all time (no taping) and his shots was straight at point. to compare this i recorded also my own full auto and my spread was different. Can anyone explain me how its possible without no recoil macro.
  8. ahh only xsolla GC sale.....
  9. I will explain you later on TS....
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