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    Hello. I'm an old player of this game since 2015-2016. I decided to log in because some friends returned to game and decided to play again but I saw I was banned. I can recall that I lent my account to a friend, and i'm sure he was the one who got me banned, you can check that out probably with an IP tracker - I used to log in from Spain , probably it may vary a little since I moved from city to city but IP should still be from this european country. My friend who got me banned was from Argentina (you can check it by IP) and I know rules are to never lend accounts, so if I can't get unbanned at least I would like to know the reason I got banned. Never thought I wouldda come back to this game - thats why I agreed to let my account to a friend. I just wanted to point out that whatever the reason was, I can't say im total responsible of it, but partially since I gave my account to a third person. Would appreciate an explanation, and why not, a solution. Thanks for reading.
  3. I've been experiencing some cancer shet. When I get killed it says connection time out and I can't enter or login either. Can u fix this pls ? Ruins the pvp experience
  4. They can't give you back any items. And that bug happens all the time bro, if u get crashed, for every time u get crashed inside a car ur HP decreases.
  5. Actually there is a macro of kindda no recoil for a type of gaming i dont remember, I think it was something of A4 idk
  6. You should see TRUDGE Pve. It's full of lockers and opened since Beta
  7. Yea but if u are buying a rent for server the owner is just paying the price, unless he already has the server owned The only way this should be legit is if the server isn't already rented.
  8. Hello lads. I was thinking about implement a new reputation system at Lounge servers that perfectly can be the next step to make it a next level system. How would it work? Simple. Let's say that I'm MR.X and I want to make a transaction with another player (Seller and Buyer). The purchase is succesful and the Buyer can rate the Seller *Advantages* : Identify scammer players Not worthy-to-trade-with players Good sellers --------------------------------------------------------- You may ask why I mentioned the word 'transaction'. Well because if such system would be implemented, things like buying VIP with GameDollars would be possible along with many more examples / things u can add to the list, without being scammed of course. Maybe I forgot a couple things about this, because it recently passed through my mind. Feel free to add whatever you want and tell me what do you think about this idea. Zed
  9. I will try if happens again i will pm u. U can close topic
  10. I've been playing several hours today at PvP maps and I witnessed some bambis tanking M107''s Shots. Even me I tanked one just recently. Is this a bug or a nerf into the weapon?
  11. Z E D

    Frozen screen

    Hello. It's happen sometimes that when I am at the lounge EG my screen freezes from nowhere and I have to close my session. I don't have any clue of why this shet happens but I would like to know a solution to this issue. I mean i can't close the game, even with the task manager. Checked out my temperature and stuff, nope.
  12. Hi I will go straight to the point 1. Change the sound of the birds. Im tired of this animals sounds since Pre Alpha, they sound the same. Add some new ones, would be an innovation. 2. I don't know if this is possible. How about stablishing seasons? You can introduce a patch when the time comes. E.G : Time to Winter --> You put some snow particles and put all the environment white , leafless trees, hmmm what else ? I assume you understood what the point would be (?) 3. Replace police cars for new ones with modern textures please. I know people liked old ISS but nothing is like it used to be before, the times are changing and so we need to. Adapt is the key Putting some SWAT members or Military corpses around their respective vehicles would be astonishing to appreciate , like Resident Evil (GG Copyright) . It would be something similar to the already existing ones 'graves' (Yea, those ones located at Emerald peak and stuff) IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER IDEAS FEEL FREE TO POST THEM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW Zed
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