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  1. Nope, not mixing them up. I seriously mean ping.
  2. neps


    Then they would be too overpowered, no reason to not use a suppressor. They already make less sound, harder for you to know where you're getting shot from.
  3. I've had the same problem while farming zombies. If I have a huge group of zombies following me, then my ping sometimes skyrockets and it takes 10+ seconds to get out of the car. Usually I die when this happens because the game thinks I am still close to the car even tho I would be far away and no zombies are near me. This has happened on both premium and private servers that I have farmed on. (both EU and NA)
  4. neps


    Well, my fps on officials never went under 50 before, but now it's constantly spiking down to 20-30.
  5. Yeah everything is working now, thanks!
  6. My favorites probably are spring valley and smallville too bad they removed smallville tho
  7. Should add smallville back, it usually had people playing. Really liked that map too.
  8. Another thing that I noticed is that I can't save some stacked items, but unstacked ones seem to work just fine.
  9. Why were most of the pvp maps removed?
  10. Made a post about this back in July, it got fixed since then. Now it's happening again after the new update. Basically, loadouts won't save new items I put into them, and now some of the older items got removed from the loadouts. Deleting all loadouts doesn't help, have tried reinstalling the game.
  11. neps

    Loadouts not saving

    Done that, also have reinstalled the game. No idea what would help.
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