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    After this patch im having a huge drop FPS. 120-150fps to 3! wtf
  2. Hello there! I've playing BR alot this weeks, and I see a huge potential on this game mode, this mode is so much fun to play, but the sad part is: the players are not interested in this gamemode, honestly i dont know why. So, I write what I think should change and will be more attractive for the players play it. Developers and Moderators if you disagrees with me, dont have ANY problem, im just trying to help this community. • Increase the reward (actual is 5000 GD by player). • A large map more detailed with big buildings, bridges, big and smaller cities (I know hard is to create a large map with so much details, take your time) • Car spawns randomly • More Painkillers, Antibiotics, Medkits, Bandages spawns. • Add rain. • Airdrop random snipers Blaser, Mauser, M107 (Im just seeing SVD. I can be wrong). • Better terrain and building textures. • AK47, AKM, AK74M, and mags spawns. • Attachments spawns (Is already reported to the DEV's). If you remember another thing that u want to change, comment right below. Thats all folks, cya!
  3. I miss attachments in battle royale... will be cool if the devs put this on, even the players usually use third person to shoot, but sometimes u want to shoot in first person and the aim is in ur front
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