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  1. Wow, I can't believe my eyes. You are only 1 year late. What's the point of posting suggestions when you don't give a fuck about them anyway, just like it was the whole time. This game mode is dead and nothing will bring it back, because of the lack of attention in the previous years/months. We have been posting tons of suggestions and maybe 5% of them was applied. Fuck this, I'm not having this again.
  2. Maybe its worth to think about it again?
  3. The Survival Initiative Are celebrating Nether launch! - Come celebrate with us! --- TSI are giving away 5 copies of Nether: The Untold Chapter --- First 3 copies are given away at the release day, on my YouTube channel! --- The other 2, the week after! Rules are very simple: 1: Subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Benzaducki1 2: Follow me on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/arowsky_ 3: Join TSI Discord: https://discord.gg/dSzZqsS 4: Comment on this video with your Twitch & Discord name. Example: Arowsky_ Arowsky#1337 Good luck
  4. Great patch, finally a lot of stuff for survival. Me and my clan are coming back
  5. This is literally sad. Just sad.
  6. So is there anything from the list that we can expect in the next patch? Or you guys gonna tell us that adding some buildings and changing the spawns take more than 2 hours of work and we gonna have to wait till the next patch?
  7. 1. Radiation zones will be increased in upcoming patch actually. Can confirm. I think everyone agrees here. Good thing, I just dont know why are you guys waiting with everything for the next patch. 2. This is correct. They have a chance of spawning. Fair enough. 3. Can you share ideas and suggestions about what this zombie should drop in your opinion instead? It should drop something more rewarding than m249. Something that is unique and you could get only from this particular toxic zombie: heavy armor body part, svd, survival airdrop callers (that would be nice if it was added), stack of meds, stack of shields, stack of ammo etc. 4. What do you suggest? If we make the clan limit too high the "not gonna be fair against solo / smaller groups" -story is gonna be 10 times worse. Clan limit 10 and there will be even huger groups roaming. Just some examples. Well, as i said before. People already play with bigger groups and since that 10-man limit server has been added, everyone is playing there. Regarding your suggestions: 1. I agree. Would love to see this happening personally. This is written down, I will bring it up, not much more I can do. Great idea Do you have suggestions / ideas for new missions? What map for example? 1) Kill X players with specific red stalker, imi tar, snipers etc. 2) Kill X players from X distance. The harder it is, the better rewards should there be. 2. I don't see why not? Perhaps we can do a poll on this? Maybe players have some suggestions what to add in certain locations as well. I dont think poll is really needed. People play in smallville nowadays in survival (v1). Some of the spawns are too close to the city and by the time your spawn protection gets off, you are dead, because you get killed from inside the town. At the same time, people would love to play somewhere else, but its the same problem everywhere. Locations are too open, there is not enough trees, objects to cover behind. Its not open world, you dont have shields here. Cities like clearview or rocky ford have fucked up spawns where you spawn in the middle of the road or in the middle of nothing. To sum up, we need 1) spawns to be fixed (add more of them or in the normal places), 2) Change some city design (add some more trees around, more objects you can cover behind while pushing and maybe more boxed to jump over some fences. Helicopter crashes, etc. Yeah, that would be something. 4. Hunter backpack will come but we ran in some issues so that's why it hasn't been added yet. Okay, but some other new things that are exclusively added to survival would be nice. Its been a long time since we got a new item. Also those snipers or ARs from OW wouldnt do harm if they were added to survival. 5. I LOVE the idea don't get me wrong here, but due engine limitations we can't do something like this every week. It would require us to patch, turn of servers, etc etc etc. (a lot more than just this). We should start a thread where players can share their ideas for events, weekend events not just for the survival game-mode but for each game mode. I am sure something good can come out of that. We have posted a lot of ideas for the events, you guys just dont listen and every week we get GD boxes from super zombies. 7. Agree. We should do this. I'll bring it up in upc. staff meeting. Not sure how much work it would be. The reputation table has already been made by SurZeus here and its pretty accurate: Well, i think we gonna get some of these in the next patch as you guys promised, including rentable v1 server that we are waiting for almost 4 months. Most of these things are easy to do like the rep table or adding some objects/trees to the cities. WE NEED IT. It cant take more than few hours to do. The most annoying part of everything is that you guys wait with everything till the next patch, while some of the things can be easily fixed immediately. Thats the thing that stops me from posting suggestions or report bugs. Even if I do, its gonna take you weeks to fix it...
  8. Arowsky


    Whole v1 map need some changes. Clearview needs more trees/buildings/objects around, because its so open right now and getting to the city is impossible. Smallville respawns need to be changed or there should be added more of them.
  9. The idea is nice, but if there was a place where radiation (with its benefits) is all the time, it would be too op i think. People would get a lot of items and stuff.
  10. Ok, so first of all, that was a great patch for survival and thanks for that. Although, there are some issues with it and im gonna try to post it below: 1. Radiation zones are too short. When you are at the bottom of the map and the radiation pops up somewhere on the north, you wont be able to get there in time even with a car. 2. Toxic super zombies sometimes dont spawn. Or i just couldnt manage to find them (it only happened in campos so far). 3. Items dropping from toxic super zombie are not rewarding at all. The best thing i got was heavy armor body part, but it only dropped once. Im usually getting 1 dx/m249/1 c-mag or some other low tier items. Would be nice if it was dropping something better, cause it takes like 6 drums to kill it. 4. Clans - making it 5 man limit is okay, but not when other people from the clan cant join the same server. What if they wanna pvp at different place or just loot somewhere? The only way out of it is to leave the clan and join back again all the time, which is annoying. Like last time when we were making an event (we were roaming around the map with snipers and heavy armors) and the rest of our clan couldnt join the same server. Thats a bad solution for the clan limits. Suggestions for the next patch: 1. Adding some new skills to the skill tree would be awesome, both for pvp and pve players Some new missions (for pvp players as well) with actually good prices (like stanags, meds, armor etc) 2. Redesigning or changing some popular cities on v1 (Clearview, Smallville, Campos City, Airport). Even just a little bit would make a difference and would add a fresh feeling to the game. Clearview is completely abandoned by players on v1, the pvp is going on in smallville but this city is too small to handle so many players, especially when spawns are so close to the city. 3. Adding few new cities or hidden spots around the map with good loot 4. Adding stuff from open world (new snipers, as-val, ak-15, hunter backpack (with changed stats ofc)) or some new weapons or gear that people would enjoy looting. (Findable) airdrop callers (with survival gear crates for example or anything else related to survival) 5. Make weekly mini events, I have an idea for this one; I call it "conflict zone"-(of the week), each week a different place/town/village on the map looks different than it use to, add more obstacles, tipped vehicles, smoke, fire, in short- make it look like a recent battlefield. 6. Add better loot and a super zombie if not already there, for that week. Make it interesting to visit AND pvp at, - A different place every week. (Or why not make it, so that open world items can only be dropped from super zombies at current conflict zones) ?! - That will attract every more people. 7. Rework the rep system (Survival isn't like Open World, decrease the ammount of rep you need for each rank. I think its like the easiest thing to do, just changing some numbers. Most of those suggestions are quite easy to do but really profitable as well. Hopefully we get few of these in the next patch.
  11. Arowsky

    Skin suggestion.

    LOL.This looks awesome.
  12. Damn, i would really love to see West Oaks/San Pavel in survival.
  13. Is it gonna come to survival as well?
  14. I honestly liked that faster movement on survival, havent seen any reports from survival players. Its a little bit easier to outplay campers with that, is there any way we can keep it in survival? (unless community disagree)
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