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  1. Lagging players abusing the pvp destroyed the game, nothing u add or fix on the content of the game can reverse that unfortunately
  2. Since the Thai Lagging problem is what actually killing, or killed NewZ, i would suggest taking this EXTREMELY seriously. All these actions had so minimal results, not even worth commenting In some cases? They only play in Europe or any other region (except the one they should be playing) that gives such a huge advantage, laggers dont like the game, they only like the godmode provided by their ping. Without it, they would instantly quit. Thats what happens if u dont support solid gameplay, player database keeps shrinking until... Just being honest here, pay attention to what really matters for a healthy game development and mistakes of the past do not reoccur. Good Luck
  3. Will there be Thais lagging all over the map as in Newz, completely destroying the gameplay? That's the main question...
  4. nice! that will attract more players in daily basis
  5. Disable all cars except ZK spawner, the most drivable one. Disabling all cars is disadvantage for the new - poor players ($$ for bus and easy farming zombies) and god knows we need many of those these days
  6. That's the reason most European players quit, where the main problem is. After so many Thai high ping lag abusers infected European servers, destroying the game experience, well u see the current server status. There are no more English in European servers, chat is full of Thai language. Game management, chose the Laggers $$, instead of healthy player base, soon no European will play. I would suggest moving all the servers to Asia, but then even the high pingers will quit, cause they will lose that huge advantage. Some servers only ping limited, clearly isn't working, empty most of the time. Maybe force all players to be able to play only in their regional continents, since u cant fix this? (not ping depended, only country depended) no idea if its even possible. No disrespect, but are u actually playing this game? U can NOT even hit those guys, u just ask yourself why was NOT that shot a headshot? Gameplay advantage against Laggers is pure fiction. Thats the most honest answer to this game breaker situation, i hope u can do something about this, that actually works
  7. I still can NOT change the priority of the game from normal to high, in Task Manager Details for better performance. Is it on your things to do list, or will never happen?
  8. Is it intentional that we can NOT change the priority of the game from normal to high from Task Manager? That alone boosted my fps by 10... Any way i can do that, or maybe u can change with an update, cause every time i try to do it it says: "The operation could not be completed, access denied"
  9. When u say disabled it, u mean u got back to previous version i guess, i did that too, it was the only way i could play. I read at a previous post of yours, that u are using the new FAC and "everything is running smoothly", so which version are u using? - Will we be able to change the priority of the game in Task Manager and set to High with new FAC or no??????
  10. I installed the new FAC but can not connect to any server, when the colorado map loads i get disconnected from server and i get a message "FAC kicked u" something like that. Plus when i try to set priority of the game to high from Task Manager to get better fps as i always did before, with previous fac, it does not let me.
  11. everybody was very excited about the new map, but needs a lot of work, fast load works constantly, instead of better fps we get lag spikes all the time. i understand it needs time to optimize a new map, but i think whole game needs performance upgrade
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