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  1. The stats provided on the gun descriptions are wrong, they do not represent the real outcome when shooting the guns. - Do you guys have any plans on correcting this anytime soon?
  2. In Survival mode you can only use lockers on private servers. However, you can put "Wooden lockers" on official servers, but they can be destroyed and your loot in them can be stolen.
  3. Also, in the future, IF there's nothing new for Survival mode in the patch, can you guys perhaps show just a little love & equal attention towards your Survival players, by at least mention "SOMETHING" about Survival, like a "Hey, nothing new for Survival this time, but we got -(SOMETHING)- in work/process, that you guys can look forward to in the near future" ... Just give us SOMETHING?!
  4. In Survival mode though, a partial wipe of LMG's, and a buff towards natural purpose would be great. Make LMG's more rare, more rare than AR's. Also, there's another way to make LMG's serve their natural purpose, without having to change their stats too much, - Which is: (keep in mind, this text is based on Survival mode, and not Open World):
  5. Any chance you could elaborate on why you think so? - Perhaps I can change your mind with superior reasoning skillz
  6. Make Clan Territories More Appealing! Introduction: As I know the game doesn’t have the same capacity/resources when it comes to production/development, as it used to. – I start focusing on more “cost-effective” ways to develop the game, meaning things that doesn’t require too much work, but can still have a huge impact in terms of making the game more attractive & interesting. I started to look at what’s already there, and how it can be improved. – And the following idea, came with my observed notion, that Survival has a lack of “objective/goals -contra- reward”. While realizing how much of the content in the game that’s not really getting “utilized” at its fullest. What I mean by that, is fairly easy to pinpoint, if you just trace where players are located in terms of squeezing “the action” out of the game, of course I am talking about PvP. Most players when they want action, they place themselves where people in the chat both in-game and on Discord says there’s pvp, Campos, Clearview, Airport etc. And mostly lesser clan, or people without clans doesn’t stand much chance, as the bigger clans are usually dominating these “designated PvP places” BY FAR, as they have honked it down, and have all the crazy good loadouts. However, this has a tendency to scare new players away and give up with the game rather fast. The thing is, the game is much bigger than only that, and the rest is not getting used in any way, - (Not to mention, if we talk Colorado v1, no one is looting that map anymore, but I will address that later.) – So, the question is, how do we give the players more/different strategical outcomes/experiences when it comes to PvP, instead of just running into a brick-wall (brick wall being a big-ass clan) every time??... Well, to me the answer is quite easy, - we need to “decenter” PvP, stretch it out. And how do we do that? – The answer lies in what’s already there, I am talking about “Clan territories”. These are my ideas / suggestions for clan territories: Preface: The idea of these clan territories/flags are awesome, no doubt. But if we take a look at what they do, and what they add for the players, meaning “reasons” to capture them, there aren’t really that much to come for, quite doll, like a boring “Pizza Magarita”, tomato, and cheese, nothing else. Sure, the territories has buffers with the territories, but they doesn’t seem to matter that much in Survival like they do in Open World, especially not when the loot is kinda broken in Colorado v1 & Caliwood (but like I said earlier, I will address loot problems later/in the end of this post.). Idea nr. 1: Every territory should have 2 buffs, one PvE buff, and one PvP buff, - one buff that offers an advantage to farming, - faster pickups, more xp from zombies, less damage from zombies, faster zombe respawn rate, more med-drops from zombies, more Survival dollars from zombies, 1 extra item from super zombies etc. – and one that gives advantage to PvP, less cooldown on meds, increased healing, passive healing, more damage to a specific gun-type, less spread to a specific gun-type, stronger barricades etc. Idea nr. 2: Every flag has a “Clan Locker” attached to it, - A locker that only the clan members of the clan currently owning the territory can access, store & withdraw items from. When a clan lose the territory, the new clan that captured it should be able to access and grab all the loot left behind in the locker by the previous owners of the territory. I see many awesome features that can come out of this. – First of all, it force clan members to the “test of trust” amongst each other, the “good kind of drama” if you ask me … Secondly, as some of you already know, the Survival community has a bright history when it comes to “private arranged events”, and this right here adds many new possibilities and nuances, to launch just that! For example, clan put a distress on the map saying “Come & conquer our territory if you can! – Our locker has “X” loots in it!”. Thirdly, it will add more reasons for clan members to loot/farm those specific areas, as they don’t necessarily have to run back to Safe Zone every time their backpack is full, that they can take the “risk” of storing their loot there, and choose what’s most valuable to make the run to safe zone for, - basically the same reason for personal lockers in the first place, but a little different, and more risk to it. Idea nr. 3: We all know, that weekly/monthly events are most favored with Open World game mode, and Survival rarely gets any “special attention”, - I think it would be rather awesome, to add weekly/monthly rewards to clans and its members, for whatever clan can capture the most territories -and/or- duration of time territories held. Rewards could be anything, XP, Survival Dollars, GC, Premium, Skin boxes, Season Pass progression, maybe even loot, etc. – Not to mention, that capturing territories right now, doesn’t really give anything in terms of progression, there should be some kind of reward for capturing a territory, like: 1) If you capture it solo, you gain 500 XP & 1000 Survival Dollars. 2) If you capture it with 2 or 3 guys, you gain 250 XP & 500 Survival Dollars each. 3) If you Capture it with 4 or more, you gain 100 XP & 250 Survival Dollars each. Current loot issue: I am not talking about "what is spawning", I am talking about the amount of active loots spawns active... You know me, I am all about keeping loot as rare as possible... But please believe me when I say, there's something really broken in v1 & Caliwood, I really don't think loot are spawning as it should, at least not if you compare it with Oregon... I mean, you can go into big market, no matter what town, and only find a canoe paddle, a medium backpack, a granola bar and maybe a fire axe (then it has been a plentiful visit!). - same goes for restaurants, small markets, buildings... I am more talking about the "logical things" you would be able to find, like food and water in those places, - it's almost impossible to find any food and water on v1 & Caliwood compared to other maps, and things spawn completely out of place on v1 too... I think "active loot spawns" needs to be turned up 20% or such. I realize this more now, since I changed my focus on how to play the game, TSI is all about capturing territories now, which means we get around a lot as well... And spawns are really broken on this map. If you go into a police station, you "might" find 1 Mossberg, and 1 empty 9mm clip lol, And oh yeah, a light gear “perhaps”. Garages are completely empty too nowadays I haven't seen a gas and a repair kits ONCE for month, and mostly geen houses (aka beach house) and white houses are completely empty as well There's no "loot feelings" what-so-ever to farm anywhere, only things that makes sense to farm on v1 & Caliwood are Super Zombies, - everything else you will go to Oregon. Shouldn't be like that There's missing the old school feeling/TALK about "what place is better to find certain things". All places are completely trash nowadays, there's no reasons to go to one place rather than another. I honestly don’t know what happened, because it did not use to be like this in Survival, - I think it came with the focus on there being too many snipers, which was very fair I should add, but “I think” you guys corrupted something else in the process trying to fix this. Please share your thought & ideas! Best regards, King of Survival aka Kjer
  7. This need to happen! - More content is not bad.
  8. IF YOU LIKED THESE IDEAS, - PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM HERE: Then please go here, and vote for my ideas: https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/71-kjer--spawnkilling-when-spawning-together-with-some1 https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/72-kjer--survival-new-zombies https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/73-kjer--survival-newmore-dynamic-eventsoccurrences https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/74-kjer--survival-gameplay-changes-to-items https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/75-kjer--survival-marketeconomy-suggestions-survival-dollars https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/76-kjer--survival-loot-suggestions
  9. Speaking of good ideas, you guys should check my super-awesome ideas for Survival :
  10. I feel you brother, and I can't blame you at all for feeling that way... But what's new compared to then, is that now, for the first time, they have actually "swifted" their production attention towards Survival. I know it's no excuse for b4, but I'm going to UTILIZE this as much as I can, as I simply love Infestation too much to let it go. - And hopefully it will bring a much better game, and a game that you would want to try again... Because it ain't the same without you.
  11. May I remind you guys, that the topic on this post, is not about bringing "new suggestion", but what our thoughts are on the specifically mentioned 4 things:
  12. Oh yeah, you right about that. I want market and survival currency back as well, but not exact same caliber as it used to be back in the day. "IMO" it shouldn't be easier to buy stuff than to loot stuff. And if you take a good look at Infestation Revival/Thailand, - Loot there is not rare, not at all, only snipers. DX's shields, all these things, people have FOREVER supply of these things, because it's so easy to farm GD. Buying stuff should be an "luxury option".
  13. What exactly are you basing that thought on, that "this alone will not be enough" ??... Well, compared to "wipe", it's method that haven't been tried before, and doesn't have any negative history behind it, - So there's that.
  14. And oh yeah..... Survival players don't want v2. Only the Thai wants v2 lol... no1 else.
  15. Okay, where to start?... Let me start by saying, that I'm surprised that "wipe" is even presented on the table, that we are even talking about it lol, - Let me explain why.... First of all, you guys promised at dawn of NewZ, that there will never be a wipe. Ok, initially it was promised on the premises of Open World, before Survival was released, but a promise like that should stick to the game "in-whole", in my opinion. ...... Do you guys remember "why" you made such promises?.... ... Which bring me to second part: LEARN FROM HISTORY! - Any REAL WarZ/Infestation veteran out there KNOWS, that this entire game series has really-really-really BAD history when it comes to WIPE. There's literal statistics out there, that will show, that a wipe has never done what people hoped it would do. I have an entire leagues of old friends/legends/veterans, that still in their heart loves infestation, but won't touch it for very reasonable moral reasons, like they have been forced by devs to start over one too many times, - It's really sad actually. Many people think I'm against a wipe just because I'm the richest guy in all of Survival (at least I think I am). That's not true. In matter of fact, I agree with OP statement on everything... Survival does have too many snipers, and too much valuable loot than it supposed to have, to give that "Classic Infestation feeling". And I will gladly sacrifice 130 of my 150 snipers in my GI for making Survival great again! EVEN THOUGH I have literally spend about a 1000 Euro on my Survival account (converting GC to GD [selling mystery boxes], and trading for Survival loot). Because, NewZ/Survival is my number 1 free time hobby, and I love this game more than my GI. - I know that I technically can't use that as an excuse, as GD for Survival loot is "not supported" my devs, but then at the same time, it doesn't change the fact, that I actually had an INSANE GI in both loot AND snipers even BEFORE I started trading. - And it's honestly not the players fault, that the devs haven't provided any any better trading methods / or Survival currency (speaking of classic iss)... If you think about it, many players who came to Survival, already played OW for a long time, and they technically got PUNISHED for liking Survival more, as all their GD they have been working for, has technically been rendered USELESS. Therefore, I am ALL FOR a global "SCALE-DOWN" of loot, - That would be FAIR to everybody, and given the bad history of wipes, it seems as the most sensible thing to do, rather than literally stealing everything people have been working for. That's my take on it. Peace.
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