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  1. I rent multiple servers and have for a VERY LONG TIME to me it would be completely pointless to have those servers if I had no use of cars I agree with Bravo's idea the e-brake would be a great idea BUT from what I have seen 90% of the car crashes are due to FULL or inadequate ram I do crash from time to time in cars but I crash far more picking up items or logging out then I ever do in cars
  2. the only problem I see for that is abuse because the game is free people will just create multiple accounts and buy items and just transfer to their main. not saying that as a partner that's a great perk just opens up problems down the road.
  3. is there a spot that shows us who has signed up from our referral link?
  4. No matter the region no matter the server I get kicked by FAC if i say yes to the beta test I tried every region and every server type Battle Royale, PVP Servers, Open World, didnt try survival but i would assume the same Regions tried NA(Which is my Region), EU, SA, HK I dont have crappy internet i get 500mb dl with 40mb upload and i'm sure you guys have watched my streams i dont have a trash PC so i'm not sure what is being so picky on with me but after talking to many other people they gave me the same feedback
  5. I must admit that was one thing I hated was having a bunch of guns gear ect that was not 100% in my inventory SO GLAD it is a thing of the past and no plan to bring back
  6. When I join a battle royal map when I first select North America it's fine i'm in a North America server and notice very few people join. Then if i die and play it again it loads me into a EU server automaticly, to get around this I have to go back and switch between North America and EU which it says that I am on but if I don't do the switch back and forth it will auto join me into EU server even though it shows I'm selected on North America Server. EU servers the ping is just to high for me to play I get 190+ Ping on the EU servers and becasue this glitch. It takes forever for the North America server to get to 30 players. No matter the time of day if I join EU server tons of players and if I join North America it's always low pop. It would be nice if you guys could look into this so I can play with a resonable ping without having to wait forever for the North America lobby to reach 30 pop.
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