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  2. Dont worry sir ! AK12 is new SURVIVAL GUN
  3. 3 days sir. because i have a job i need a time for montage&videos but i liked my partner job
  4. Maybe one more day is OPEN WORLD is closed . because all people is trying SURVIVAL mod man. Open world players is always talking so hard mod,we are need a time and blablabla. Open world players is trying SURVIVAL MOD !
  5. Thanks sir ! Thanks bro ! I I do not remember but I'll find it for you.
  6. Real name: Asger Age: 28 Location: Denmark In-game names Bock Clocker, Kjer, Stoner Viking, Something Sick, SMALLVILLETERROR Are you prepared to rename any characters with offensive/idiotic names? I don't have any offensive/idiotic names... In my opinion. What we should call you in-game and on Discord Kjer On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your level of skill in PVP in NewZ Survival or Open World? I have only been playing survival mode since it was released, I do not play Open World anymore. I would rate my skills 8/10 ... I'm good at everything except quick-scoping, but I can land a headshot with any sniper at any distance "4real!". My knowlege of this game and it mechanism, how it works etc. are golden... I'm propbably one of the biggest veterans out there, been playing 7000+ hours since 2012 (without breaks). https://imgur.com/2bjFJ8D On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your level of knowledge of NewZ Survival? 12/10 On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your Global Inventory in NewZ Survival: Honestly I have no idea, as I do not know how good my GI are compared to others, but I will provide some screens of my GI, and then you guys can see for yourselves: https://imgur.com/n8ur15t https://imgur.com/oOZWSO7 https://imgur.com/g7ku6vC https://imgur.com/cPQh7YV I have used up all my good meds lately. x( How many hours played do you have on NewZ? I have NO IDEA!... I play this game long before it was released on Steam, but if we're talking about the entire WarZ/Infestation/NewZ franchise all together, then aproxlimately 7000+ hours. How much reputation do you have on your main character? Survival: -1236 (I have only been playing solo) What is your KDR on your main character? For a couple of weeks ago it was 4.5 ... Now it's 3.85... Have died a lot since fucking BIXA INVADED MY TOWN! (Smallville) x( ... Which is the main reason that I finally decided to allow my stubburn ass to join a clan. Across all of your characters, how many kills do you have? Survival: 725. How many hours a day do you play NewZ? It's difficult to say... Right now I can play A LOT, as I just finished my studdies, and are currently applying for internship... So given my "current" situation, I can play all day if I want to. But once I get an internship, I don't know, we'll see. Do you record and edit videos of your gameplay? Not really. WE ARE HAVE A ASKING INGAME QUESTIONS. Read and write bro
  7. This is player teaser sir. TEASER isamazing editing.
  8. Its a teaser sir. Not montage. Thanks for comment.
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