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  1. all map... its not glowing... i did bought the neon just for fun coz it is glowing... now its not glowing and the light swords dont glow too..
  2. can you guys please check the skins about neon dragons.. mine isnt glowing anymore... while my alien is glowing.. and i even see light swords dont glow anymore sometimes.. please check it out.. its been a long time since i have been waiting after that big patch you released... i really tought you guys are aware about it .. but until now its still not fix
  3. are you guys aware of the neon dragon and the light sword dont glow anymore? it would be cool if you guys fix it
  4. yeah all thanks to the devs they already fix the NA servers and HK servers from asia players... we here got like 250 ping on NA now which is very very good ping from my country , it is the ping when i started playing newz... i really hope it wont increase its lag instead of lowering i'd be more happy... and the hongkong servers works really fine too having 90 ping on hongkong servers is good, i mean its not as good as 50 before hongkong first came in.. but it really really works fine for us... thank you so much!! keep up the good work!!
  5. some of the people here stop playing on my country because the ping is unstable.... and i always notice why they are leaving just because we got a page on facebook where we filipinos talk and post about new z....
  6. oh well me too.. i just notice it... its not so stable... i just want it to be stable again... and sometimes i play NA servers while im from asia just because hk servers dont have people in it... before NA servers from asia was like 250 and i can manage to play it... but now it got 320... its sad
  7. oh okay so thats not a problem? of course it is... we want to play the game and some of those maps are the ones we love to play...and thats 1 server in each certain type of guns.... so it is a problem... almost all of the people i know here in my country is switching games because of that... and i dont want to.... just because i am still waiting for it to be fix.. and btw right at this moment all hongkong servers are fine.. it got like 90 ping stable... while NA servers from my country is 320 ping where it is 250 before... and you guys will just tell me why not stick to hongkong servers... while i want to play at NA pvp servers coz sometimes Hk servers dont have people in it... hope you understand... i know you guys got a problem with the servers but please tell us what happen so we will understand your situation... so i can spread the reason on my country what happen to each and every ping "changed"
  8. okay guys i know you guys struggle with ping on the server lately.. but i guess its fix coz i got less lag now.. but guys you already told me that you are trying to configure your servers at hongkong but yeah its fix and seriously i got 120 ping on server 1 pvp server compared to server 2 which got 50 ping... can you guys fix that? why dont you guys swap the server from 2 to 1 coz the most played server in pvp server hongkong is 1.. which has more ping than 2 at the moment.... please swap this... it makes no sense playing at number 2 pvp server with out people in it... server ping at the moment in pvp servers got: 1=120 ping 2=50 ping 3=120 ping 4=50 ping and so on..........
  9. oh man... of couse i got lots of friends in NA why wont i connect? cant i? before hongkong servers released i made friends from NA... \ and btw the ping now is not the same ping as before that is why i am complaining... and there is a lot of asian players are playing of NA and EU but anyways i guess you cant do anything about it... maybe i will just wait for it to be fix not just going to furoms just to complain... sad life anyways thank you for the reply
  10. nope... still lag... all of the server ping is mess up.. like on eu i got only 300 ping and NA got 400.... before i got less ping on NA compare to EU..
  11. yup... thats 1 day ago it will be 2 days now in like 5 hours from now... and this morning in my time probably evening on your country it came back... after that it lags me again... havent you notice all the complain about how unhealthy their internet connection? i got this friend who use to send a ticket support and you guys only told him to get a vpn... which i would but i dont think i will play the game with vpn the entire time.... please observe more ... i want to have the ping back
  12. yeah but.. will the NA server's ping come back to its normal while playing on asia?... i mean i don't wanna leave the small community ive made on NA
  13. okay here is how it goes... Before i always played on NA and HK which is i am an asian... and NA servers gives me 250+ ping and hk goes 80-100... and that ping gives me a normal gameplay which do not give me freezing people like they are floating in the air... BUT now NA gives me ping of 380+ makes me lag so much which i barely kills a zombie.. and to tell you what how weird the HK servers is... pvp server 001 gives me 60 ping... runs very very good... and 002 gives me a 100+ and the gameplay is like playing on a 500+ ping.... the limited ping pvp servers before makes me lag on hk... like yeah im playing on a 500+ ping like i said but the servers with no ping limit before gives me 60 ping... makes me wonder you got 2 different servers in hongkong... and IF it is my internet.. i cant have 60 ping and runs very good at playing... guys please do something about this... please check your servers... i cant play NA servers as of this moment... and i got lots of friends playing NA thank you... hope you guys understand
  14. of course dude but... yeah im trying to help the game.. i mean compared to other BR game .. infestation got really good potential.. but when you play the game wasting time of waiting and cant reach top 3... well they really need to do something... if you guys only know what i mean...
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