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  1. Jump and shoot , Quick Scope and no scope those the main issue i think me and my friends quit the game long time ago for many reasons one of them the snipers and their power and the people who are insane and u have no chance to fight them because they are so good with snipers and always rush u even if u have an ar . my point we need mechanism to be more realistic and much closer to the original WARZ , like if u are a sniper ok u going to be at the hill or behind tree but rushing with it will be so hard
  2. i think u forgot to rotate PVP maps and rocky will stay for ever
  3. the one who killed me was playing with 3 other people in rocky ford
  4. https://pasteboard.co/I6lIEzr.jpg

    Macro Med

    so u tell me that u not using macro for med and shield ? im playing rocky everyone does that except me so im trying to do the same

    Macro Med

    could anyone tell me how to setup my mouse to use macro med with buttons i have Logitech G502 Mouse thanks
  7. thanks bro i got unbanned and i will download the game but can i ask u if u know or not did they make anything to my Gi like move it to another account or not?
  8. i didn't understand what happened there do u mean that i could get back the account ? i mean of course its obvious either he cheat with my account or illegal sold the GI
  9. i know this is not the right section its not a complaining i woke up on an email message that someone made up a ticket with my account that the account got ban for illegal activities , i don't even have the game on my pc or play for couple months cause i don't have the time i know this is my fault i removed the double authentication before time ago but its so sad to get that my account was veteran i played since the game was emulator got plenty of guns and everything also got almost the most good skins in the game like chrome and black night i wanted to share this with u guys cause i feel very sad and i want to advise u to protect ur account so u wont get the same thanks
  10. i really understand u but what u want me or the community to support the streamers at least give them something good not banana and bandage and crap things I don't think it going to be wasting why always the good things should be pain in this game ?
  11. to be honest i don't see those boxes worth anything and watching twitch just wasting of time , i open 15 box every day and one day opened 70 boxes and really didn't get anything beside Banadage TV , Banana, Ballastic shield and streamer cap .. not a single adv or light saber . my conclusion u made the change of those crape items is 700% and the other's change is 0.00001% , at least after opening maybe 500 boxes i should get something worth. cheers
  12. i didn't get it but maybe i wasn't clear and sorry for that english is not my mother language the problem i have ammo let say stanag 30 mags in my gi if i empty stanag weapons and put the stanags in the GI don't get stacked with the old one it takes new slot so i have 2 slots of stanag 30
  13. this issue been ages ago the ammo u taking off from the guns don't stack with urs in the GI can u solve this plz?
  14. i by myself opened 10 mystery boxes that i bought from someone and got custom chrome and mosseberg chrome and other good skins
  15. ok pm me when u can trade im online right now
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